Tools and Toys on the Smart Alec

Tools and Toys on the TOM BIHN Smart Alec backpack

“The Tom Bihn Smart Alec is my personal backpack, and really have been thrilled with it since buying it earlier this year.”

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Janine on the Diaper Charmer aka Snake Charmer

“Look what I just did! I put diapers and a packet of wipes in a Snake Charmer and it works great!”

Janine on the Diaper Charmer aka Snake Charmer

See more great photos + feedback from Janine in the Diaper Charmer!!!!! thread in the TOM BIHN Forums.

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Backcountry Treks Video Review: Best Medium Lightweight Pack

Backpack Wrap Up: The Best Medium Lightweight Pack [Review] from Justin Lukasavige on Vimeo.

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Cache for Cadet now available for order separately from the Cadet

Inside the main compartment of our Cadet briefcase clips the Cache for Cadet: a specially modified version of our popular Cache laptop sleeve. Using two Gatekeeper clips, the bottom edge of the Cache for Cadet attaches to two vertical pieces of webbing sewn into the Cadet. When passing through a TSA checkpoint, you can easily slide your laptop/iPad (still in its protective Cache for Cadet) out of the Cadet for x-ray inspection; your laptop remains protected and attached to the Cadet.

At the time that you order a Cadet, you are given the option of choosing one size of Cache for Cadet. On the Cache for Cadet page, you can order additional sizes of Cache for Cadet (some folks have more than one laptop and switch between them) or a new size of Cache for Cadet if you’ve upgraded to a new laptop.

Cache for Cadet page. Available in sizes designed specifically to fit Apple laptops (fits some PCs, too.) $30. Ships within one business day.

TOM BIHN Cache for Cadet

The Wirecutter on the Ristretto

“It’s one of the sturdiest, sleekest looking laptop satchels I’ve used in a long time, and I’ve been hauling around a computer everywhere I go since the mid-’90s.”

Read the full review by Seamus Bellamy @ The Wirecutter.
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TOM BIHN Ristretto vertical messenger bag for the 13" MacBook Pro

Bags for the iPad Mini are in the works

TOM BIHN bags and sleeves for the iPad mini

The Cache protects the iPad mini with little bulk added, cradling the iPad mini in foam padding laminated with an exterior of tough polyester knit and an interior of brushed tricot. With no noisy Velcro® or zipper, the Cache closes by simply tucking a generous flap into the top opening. The Cache, Size iPad mini, will be available for pre-order on October 26th in Horizontal and Vertical orientations.

Tom is also designing a new kind of bag for the iPad mini — stay tuned.

David Kong on The Perfect Carry-On Luggage

“Now that I have actually owned the bag [The Aeronaut] for almost 1 month now, I can say with confidence that it was the right choice, hands down for actually another reason that I didn’t even think of at the time or weigh into my requirements. The Tom Bihn bag makes an excellent CASUAL bag… I’ve taken this bag on bike rides (backpack straps, mind you) and to picknicks and to trips to the coffee shop and even to the grocery store when I have a large amount of groceries to buy. I use it as a gym bag and a laundry bag perhaps once or twice a week.”

Read the full review by David Kong.

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David Kong on the TOM BIHN Aeronaut as the perfect carry-on travel bag

In stock: Ego, Cadet

Thanks to our Seattle factory crew, the following bags are back in-stock and ready to ship within one business day:


Shipping soon: Synapse, Smart Alec

TOM BIHN Ego messenger bag
The Ego in Black/Black/Steel w/a Steel Stripe

The Brooks Review: Best Diaper Bag

“Now I have one packing cube with diapers and wipes. Another with a change of clothes. A third with all the other miscellany that ends up in the diaper bag and bottles. It takes me less than two minutes to go from computer bag to diaper bag.

That’s acceptable because I get to use a bag [The Smart Alec] that I love.

What’s also neat is that the packing cubes still fit in the ”real” diaper bag, so it is still always ready to go for my wife (I toss the packing cubes back in that bag when I change out my backpack). So now I have a diaper bag that I love at very little extra cost, and a system that is very flexible.”

Read the full post at The Brooks Review.
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The Best Diaper Bag: TOM BIHN Smart Alec + Packing Cubes

Photo by peregrina: Colours

peregrina's Cafe Bag photo: Colours

Photo by peregrina. Shown: Medium Cafe Bag in Linen