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Introducing Aubergine 1050d ballistic nylon

The TOM BIHN Aeronaut in Aubergine
The Aeronaut in Aubergine.

Made for us in the U.S. and dyed to our specifications, our 1050 denier, high tenacity ballistic nylon is extraordinarily abrasion-resistant (it has twice the abrasion resistance of 1680 denier fabric). It’s used as the main exterior fabric of our travel bags, laptop bags, messenger bags, and briefcases.

All of our 1050d ballistic nylon fabric is custom-dyed to our specifications. Navy, Cardinal, Forest, Steel, and even Black are colors chosen by us and perfected by the mills we work with. Now we’ve added a sixth color: Aubergine. Described by Amy Singer as a deep raspberry purple, Aubergine is almost iridescent. We think we’ve managed to find a shade of purple that goes well with just about every color. It pairs especially well with our Steel, Wasabi, and Ultraviolet Dyneema/nylon (the fabric most often used to line bags made with an exterior of Aubergine 1050d ballistic nylon).

These bags are in stock and ready to ship in Aubergine:
The Knitty® 10th Anniversary Swift
Aeronaut (Aubergine/Wasabi, Aubergine/Steel, Aubergine/Ultraviolet)
Ballistic Organizer Pouch (Small only)
ID (Black/Aubergine/Steel)

These bags are available for pre-order in Aubergine:
Tri-Star (Aubergine/Steel, Aubergine/Wasabi)
Clear Organizer Wallet
Imago (Aubergine/Hemp/Steel)
Little Swift (Aubergine/Aubergine)
Co-Pilot (Aubergine/Steel)
Western Flyer (Aubergine/Steel)
Ristretto for iPad (Aubergine/Steel)
Ristretto for 11″ MacBook Air (Aubergine/Steel)
Ristretto for 13″ MacBook Pro or MacBook Air (Aubergine/Steel)

We may offer more bags in Aubergine in the future — stay tuned!

TOM BIHN Kit in Aubergine
The Kit in Aubergine.

TOM BIHN Aeronaut travel bag in Aubergine
The Aeronaut in Aubergine/Wasabi.

Introducing the Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift

The Knitty® 10th Anniversary Swift story, as told by Amy Singer, Editor of Knitty®

In 2005, Knitty® and TOM BIHN collaborated to design what we think is the ultimate knitting bag. So when we reached our milestone 10th Anniversary, it seemed fitting to celebrate it with a special-edition Swift! The Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift has the same ultra-functional features you know and love, but in a brand-new color combination, just for us! The outer color is brand new: it’s ballistic nylon in a deep raspberry purple called Aubergine. The reverse side features sleek Steel grey ballistic. Inside, the pockets are lined with Wasabi, and the included Stuff Sack matches the lining. And to top it all off, our special 10th Anniversary Logo is carefully embroidered onto each bag on the Aubergine side. We love how these colors look together, and have been carrying our prototypes around to envious glances from knitters everywhere.

This special-edition bag will be available only through for a limited time, and only in the configuration shown. It’s special, it’s just for Knitty®’s readers, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Amy Singer, Editor of Knitty magazine

Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift

In stock and ready to ship within one business day. $100. Visit the 10th Anniversary Knitty Swift page for more details and photos.

The embroidery of the 10th anniversary logo on the Knitty® 10th Anniversary Swift is incredibly detailed and intricate. Not ones to settle for anything less than perfection, we went through several rounds of designs and embroidery tests before we settled on this, the final version. That’s why the 10th Anniversary Knitty Swift is $100 (the Swift is $90.)

We will introduce more bags in Aubergine, our new color of U.S. 1050d high tenacity ballistic nylon, soon. Stay tuned.

Photo: new use for the Travel Tray

New use for the TOM BIHN Travel Tray: photo by Simply Bike

Photo by Simply Bike from their post: “our time in romania…” The photo shows the daughter of the authors with her great-grandparents. See also: the Travel Tray

“I couldn’t be happier with the bag.”

Below is an email we recently received from G.

“I wanted to compliment you on the outstanding products you provide. I recently purchased the Citizen Canine and I absolutely loved it so much I needed to have more of your great products that I went ahead and purchased the Ristretto for the 13 in mac. I couldn’t be happier with the bag. It has so much room, yet looks very compact, I get compliments about it all the time. Some food for thought, a cell phone pouch on the shoulder strap would be nice. Although I love the organization capabilities of the front pocket, the cell phone is something most people would want quick and easy access too, and I would be happy to purchase such said accessory. With my order I also purchased your 14 oz glass bottle, very nice by the way. I just wish the Ristretto had a water bottle pocket on the side, although it fits just fine inside the bag, it takes up space for books, folders, notebooks, etc. All in all, I am a very satisfied customer, so much so that I have become an advocate of your fine product line. I wish Tom Bihn the best in all their business endeavors, and will look to your company for all my bag needs.”

— G.

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In stock: ID messenger bag

The ID is back in-stock and ready to ship in all colors: Black/Navy/Cayenne, Black/Black/Steel, Black/Steel/Wasabi and Black/Cardinal/Steel.

TOM BIHN ID messenger bag Made in USA

In stock: Travel Stuff Sacks

Travel Stuff Sacks in all sizes and colors are back in stock and ready to ship.

Travel Stuff Sacks - TOM BIHN

dorayme: Brain bag for large and small (photos)

“I got my dh a Navy Brain Bag last year when I went to the factory last spring. He has used it exclusively for his leisure travel bag for trips spanning an overnight to over two weeks. (his business travel involves grease and grime and he uses a lesser promotional freebie bag until its all used up). It not only holds his clothes and shoes, it manages his essential CPAP machine and accoutrements. Rocky loves his Brain Bag.”

dorayme: Brain Bag for large and small

“A few weeks ago I bought a brain bag in Olive for my middle child. He will be an overnight camper next year at The Rock | A Christ-centered Summer Camp Adventure in North Carolina and will need his own bag for the week. I want him to get used to packing his own things into packing cubes, etc. He carried it for the first time for this past weekend’s stay at his grandparents house. Each section was filled with a large eBags packing cube, one for him, and one for his brother. There was plenty of room left over. It wasn’t 50% full. He will be 8 in 2 days. Mardie loves his Brain Bag.”

dorayme: Brain Bag for large and small

Read the full post by doyrame in the Forums.

Brain Bags and black holes?

Brain Bag owners have all been cheated. Tom Bihn has been selling these backpacks to innocent people in order to test their miniature black holes that have been produced in their underground research facility in Seattle, right below their manufacturing building.

In all seriousness, my new Brain Bag arrived and it is about 20% smaller than my old __________ backpack and holds about 60% more stuff without breaking a sweat (if backpacks could sweat)

The only explanation is a miniature black hole that is put into the bag before shipping. It’s also the reason they have to put excellent stitching and quality fabrics into the backpack – or else it will be torn apart by itself!

Although I don’t like being cheated, I do like this backpack. I forgive Tom Bihn.”

Posted by febtiger in the TOM BIHN Forums.

TOM BIHN Brain Bag and black holes?
The Brain Bag in Olive.

90 second video review: the Co-Pilot

Co-Pilot – personal carry-on by Tom Bihn – Gear, Gadgets and Gizmos from JD Andrews on Vimeo.

See also: the Co-Pilot