Documentally: Aeronaut (nearly) fully loaded

Documentally: Aeronaut fully loaded

More: @Documentally and the Aeronaut

Tactical Gearhead Video Review: Horizontal Brain Cell

“Andreas reviews the Tom Bihn Brain Cell. This is like a bullet-proof vest for your laptop. Super protection against everything you may face on a typical business trip.” More @ Tactical Gearhead.

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Seeking New Travel: Tom Bihn Aeronaut Best Luggage Ever

“The Aeronaut is specifically designed to be the largest carry-on size allowed by most airlines: 22″ x 14″ x 9″ (555 x 355 x 230 mm). This means I can pack till it bursts and still be reasonably confident that I won’t get the stink eye from a flight attendant. I haven’t checked a bag since 2007. No worrying about thieves or whether my valuables will make it in one piece – my bag never leaves my sight and no one touches it but me.”

Read the full review at Seeking New Travel. See also: the Aeronaut

Seek New Travel: TOM BIHN Aeronaut is the best bag ever

iPhone 5 in the Imago, Buzz phone pockets

Katy’s photos and comments on how the iPhone 5 (Katy and Amy were the first here at TB to get one) fits in the Imago and Buzz phone pockets. Katy says: “It fits perfectly! It fits like the iPhone 5 was made for the pockets.”

TOM BIHN Buzz w/an iPhone 5

iPhone 5 in the TOM BIHN Imago

118 of your photos of the Aeronaut

118 photos of the TOM BIHN Aeronaut in use

See all of them in our Aeronaut set on Flickr. See also: the Aeronaut

In stock: Size 6Z Vertical Brain Cell, Aeronaut in Navy, Clear Organizer Wallet

Thanks to our Seattle factory crew, the following bags are back in-stock and ready to ship:

Vertical Brain Cell, Size 6Z
Aeronaut, all colors, including Navy/Iberian and Navy/Wasabi
Clear Organizer Wallet, all colors, including Black and Aubergine

Photo: Synapse in Times Square

Jeff's photo of our Synapse backpack in Times Square

Photo by Jeff Wenzinger. Thanks, Jeff.

If you have a photo you’d like to send us, email it to:

Links to over 300 bag reviews

We’ve created a thread in our Forums that lists all reviews of our bags by blogs, magazines, and other press in one place: Links to external bag reviews

You’ll find reviews from One Bag, One World, Practical Hacks, Macworld, Gadling, The Travelite FAQ, and The Gadgeteer, among others.

(We’ll be added new reviews to the thread/list on a regular basis. If we missed a review that you think we should add, send us an email and let us know.)

GearGuide reviews the Cache

“Tom Bihn designed the Cache essentially as an envelope for the iPad. It’s built from high quality padded nylon material that provides approximately 6mm of iPad protection. The Apple device slides easily into the Cache and closes with a small flap that tucks into the envelope opening. When we first looked at the Cache, our initial reaction was that the flap would never stay in place given its size and lack of mechanical closure. Well, we were wrong. The closure worked flawlessly in our tests and kept the iPad securely inside.”

Read the full review @ GearGuide. See also: the Cache

TOM BIHN Cache for Apple iPad with a Large Cafe messenger bag
Vertical Cache, Size iPad, in a Large Cafe Bag.

dang: Travel Tray Review (through the TSA security checkpoint)

“Just used the Travel Tray on a recent trip to Panama. It really made going through the TSA security checkpoint a breeze. Not sure if I read about it here or in another forum but what I did was put my 311 liquids in a quart ziplock bag and put that in the travel tray and the travel tray in my bag. When I got to the security checkpoint I took the tray out of the bag and the quart ziplock with my liquids out of the tray. I then put my watch, phone, etc (basically everything in my pockets into the travel tray, zipped it up, and threw that in the bag. This way all my stuff was not out in the open for anybody to pilfer. After going through security I took everything out of the tray and put the quart ziplock back in. It really made going through security a nice tidy affair.

I always have some kind of tray when I travel to put loose items like my phone, glasses, keys, coins etc so they are handy and don’t get lost. I was using one of those flat trays where the corners snap together and while they work good for a few items I found the travel tray much better because it has a greater capacity, plus it serves as a dual use item for going through security as described above.

This is a handy little item that you really don’t need but it really is extremely handy. I’ll definitely be using this on all future trips.”

dang reviews the Travel Tray by TOM BIHN