In stock: Synapse, Ristretto for 13″, Citizen Canine + more

Thanks to our Seattle factory crew, the following bags are in stock. Order before 12:30pm PST and they’ll ship same day; after 12:30pm PST, they’ll ship the following business day.

13″ Ristretto for MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, all colors, including new color Black/Wasabi

Citizen Canine, all colors except for Kiwi/Ultraviolet, which ships in 3-4 weeks

Synapse in Steel Dyneema/Steel Dyneema, Conifer/Steel, Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, and Black/Ultraviolet. (All other colors will ship very soon.)

Horizontal Brain Cell, Size 6X

Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut), all colors, including Wasabi

TOM BIHN Synapse in Steel Dyneema/Steel Dyneema
The Synapse in Steel Dyneema/Steel Dyneema.

OBOW: Travel Stuff Sacks review

“While I’m not usually a user or fan of stuff sacks—I much prefer packing cubes—I agreed to give them a try. I’m becoming a convert. Not only are they well made but I’m finding uses for them that help to fill the nooks and crannies of my bag. (I like the fact they can be molded to fit almost any space. Not so with a packing cube.)”

Travel Stuff Sack in the end pocket of the Aeronaut
Travel Stuff Sack, Size 2, in Iberian in the end pocket of the Aeronaut.

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