jea: Tom Bihn Saves the Day

“Having rebooked my connection, I no longer had a seat on this flight, so I went to the counter, explained my situation and asked if there was any way I could get back on to my original flight. The agent looked at my small bags, made sure I had no checked bags (of course not!), and then reviewed her computer. I was in luck! Having all my bags with me allowed me on to the flight minutes prior to them closing the door.

The next challenge was where to store my bags– all of the overheads were by now chock-full. The stewardess looked at my bags, and asked– “do you think you can get that (the Aeronaut) under the seat?” Believe it or not, I got the Aeronaut under the seat in front of me, threw my Synapse into small space available overhead, and was ready to go.

Having this kind of flexibility and quick movement would never have been possible with a roller bag. I got home a few hours prior to when I would otherwise have arrived, with all my bags and belongings safe, sound and in my possession. Thanks to the folks at Tom Bihn for a great set of bags and accessories that made this possible!”

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Gear Diary reviews the Cache for 15″ MacBook Pro Retina

“The Cache is thin, light and has a nice “squishy” feel that immediately lets you know it will do a nice job protecting your precious laptop.”

Read the full review by Dan Cohen at Gear Diary. See also: the Cache

TOM BIHN Cache review by Gear Diary

In stock: Tri-Star Packing Cubes

Tri-Star Packing Cubes
Tri-Star Packing Cube, Large, with a Medium and Small on top.

Tri-Star Packing Cubes (packing cubes designed specifically to utilize the space inside of our Tri-Star travel bag) are back in-stock and ready to ship.

The Travelite FAQ reviews Travel Stuff Sacks

“So what does Tom Bihn say is different between the Yarn Stuff Sacks and these new Travel Stuff Sacks? The difference is actually pretty subtle, but it makes a difference when you’re packing these in your main luggage. Unlike the Yarn Stuff Sacks, its Travel cousin has an oval (or oblong) bottom, which allows it to lie flatter.”

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The Travelite FAQ reviews TOM BIHN Travel Stuff Sacks

In stock: Aeronaut in Black/Steel, Black/Iberian

Thanks to our factory crew, the Aeronaut in colors Black/Steel and Black/Iberian is in stock a month ahead of schedule. Other colors of Aeronaut will ship by mid-September though two colors, Navy/Wasabi and Navy/Iberian, will ship by mid-October.

Aeronaut in Black/Iberian

Photo: Synapse under the seat of United 777

TOM BIHN Synapse backpack under the seat of a United 777

Thanks to @write_chen for sharing this photo. See also: the Synapse

Citizen Canine: Best Pet Tavel Gear of 2012

Go Pet Friendly has chosen the Citizen Canine as the best treat bag in their Best Pet Tavel Gear of 2012 series. Now they’re giving you the chance to win a Citizen Canine of your own: visit Go Pet Friendly for the details.

Buster checks out his Citizen Canine

Ty of Go Pet Friendly and his TOM BIHN Citizen Canine

20 New Brain Bag Photos

TOM BIHN Brain Bag

+ 19 more new photos on the Brain Bag page.

The Shop Bag in Wasabi

TOM BIHN reusable Shop Bag in Wasabi

The Shop Bag, Small, in new color Wasabi.

In stock: Citizen Canine, Clear Quarter Packing Cube, more

Thanks to our factory crew, the following bags are back in stock and ready to ship within one business day.

Travel Tray, all colors, including Wasabi

Citizen Canine, all colors, including Black/Wasabi

Side Effect, all colors

Packing Cube Backpack (Tri-Star/Western Flyer), all colors, including Wasabi

Yarn Stuff Sack, all sizes and colors, including Wasabi

Ristretto for 11″ MacBook Air, all colors, including Black/Wasabi

Clear Quarter Packing Cube, all colors, including Wasabi

TOM BIHN convertible packing cube backpack
Packing Cube Backpack (Tri-Star/Western Flyer) in Steel.