Some @TomBihn #synapse love at the Nagoya Sumo Tournament today

Some @TomBihn #synapse love at the Nagoya Sumo Tournament today

“Some @TomBihn #synapse love at the Nagoya Sumo Tournament today!” tweeted by @GEOcycle

apbailey: Best use of packing cubes – EVER!

“So I flew to my hometown, Kalamazoo, and borrowed my dad’s new convertible (or what I call his “minor mid-life crisis”) to drive 4.5 hours up north to spend a week on a lake with friends I’ve known since the 3rd grade (nearly 30 years). My packed-to-the-gills Aeronaut wouldn’t fit in the truck with the top down, but taking the two small packing cubes out allowed me to easily redistribute the load to fit in the minimal trunk space. Thanks to the packing cubes, I was able to drive around with the top down for a great summer drive!”

Read the full post by apbailey in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Best Use for Packing Cubes Ever

OJ Borg, Lebowski, and the Western Flyer

OJ Borg and his TOM BIHN Western Flyer bag

OJ Borg, his best friend Lebowski, and his Western Flyer.

Solar is now a Tom hasBihn by Richard

Solar is now a Tom hasBihn

Solar is now a Tom hasBihn
I beat the system with a grin
I pulled and sold a perfect molar
To change my TBs all to Solar
It is indeed a wondrous shade
For packing treasures, some handmade
In darkened rooms in far off lands
Solar’s shine helped washing hands
But now I have a different take
I may have made a huge mistake
For years and years I’ve had a hobby
Coating my sushi with gobs of wasabi
Dyneema wasabi is not to eat
But as a color it can’t be beat
So goodbye solar hello wasabi
A new collection can’t be hard
TB Crew has my credit card !

— Richard (roh on the Forums)

Introducing Travel Stuff Sacks

Travel Stuff Sacks

TOM BIHN Travel Stuff Sacks

Our Travel Stuff Sacks serve a variety of purposes: they stow and compress items like down/polyfill jackets and vests (constraining them to a smaller amount of space), they can be used to separate dirty clothes from clean clothes, and some folks prefer to use them for packing clothing that doesn’t need to be folded (like underwear — we don’t fold our underwear — do you? On second thought, let’s not go there).

TOM BIHN Travel Stuff Sacks

The shape of our Travel Stuff Sacks is a little different than what you might expect: the bottom isn’t square nor is it round. Rather, it’s an elongated or flattened circle, or oval — this shape is pleasing to the eye and helps make the Travel Stuff Sacks pack efficiently in bags like the Aeronaut and Synapse.

TOM BIHN Travel Stuff Sacks Made in USA

Travel Stuff Sacks are available in four sizes: 1 (very small – very light down vest), 2 (small – very light down jacket), 3 (medium – down jacket), and 4 (large – all of the above). Each size is available in a variety of colors — great for those of you who like to organize/pack by color (“I keep socks in the Wasabi Travel Stuff Sack and underwear in the Steel Travel Stuff Sack”).

Travel Stuff Sacks are made from our 200 denier Dyneema/nylon ultralight rip-stop fabric produced especially for us in Japan and dyed in our own custom colors; they cinch shut with a drawstring closure and cord lock.

Travel Stuff Sacks in four colors

Available for order now and in stock and ready to ship within one business day. $14 – $20.

Introducing Wasabi Dyneema/nylon

TOM BIHN Travel Tray in Wasabi

The waiting and speculation are now over: Wasabi is the new color of our Dyneema/nylon fabric, joining other colors Steel, Ultraviolet, and Iberian. Wasabi is a new color of Dyneema/nylon but not a new color to TOM BIHN. Wasabi has become classic TOM BIHN: it’s been one of our custom-dyed 500d Cordura colors for almost a decade now. We think it makes a great lining color because it’s bright and pairs well with so many exterior colors: Black, Steel, Navy, and various shades of purple and green.

Our Dyneema/nylon fabric is woven for us and dyed to our specifications in Japan. It’s one of Tom’s favorite fabrics, originally chosen because of its light weight yet superior tear strength. Turns out it has quite good abrasion resistance as well — it even outperforms many heavier fabrics that are used on the exterior of lesser quality bags.

The Dyneema portion of our fabric is the white ripstop grid, with the balance of the fabric (the part with the color — in this case, Wasabi) 200 denier nylon. The naturally white Dyneema does not readily accept dye, so when our fabric goes through the dying process, the Dyneema yarns come out squeaky clean and remain free of color. The Dyneema grid will keep any possible tears or holes from spreading. We think it looks pretty cool, too.

TOM BIHN Travel Stuff Sack in Wasabi

Available for order in Wasabi Dyneema/nylon and shipping within one business day:
Travel Stuff Sacks
Clear Organizer Wallet
Travel Tray
Smart Alec in Black/Black/Wasabi

Available for pre-order in Wasabi Dyneema/nylon and shipping in 2-12 weeks, depending on the item:
Aeronaut, Black/Wasabi
Synapse, Black/Wasabi
Shop Bag, Small, Wasabi
Shop Bag, Large Wasabi
Yarn Stuff Sacks
Clear Quarter Packing Cube
Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut)
RFID Blocking Passport Pouch
Tri-Star, Black/Wasabi

More bags will be available in Wasabi later in the year.

Travel Stuff Sack in Wasabi Dyneema/nylon and Snake Charmer in Wasabi 500d Cordura
Travel Stuff Sack in Wasabi Dyneema/nylon and Snake Charmer in Wasabi 500d Cordura.

Made in USA Packing List: Ten Travel Essentials

Made in USA Challenge Top Ten Travel Essentials

via Sarah at Made in USA Challenge:

“When it comes to travel, making a packing list can be a stressful experience. Staying in a strange hotel room without the conveniences of home is just outside of my comfort zone. With BlogHer ’12 less than a month away, I have started planning what to pack for my four days in New York City. I’ve read several recommendations from experienced bloggers attending the conference, and the overall message seems to be simplicity and comfort.

Always looking for the made in America alternatives, I have compiled a packing list of travel essentials made in USA. Whether your travel plans are made around a conference like BlogHer, or your figuring out what to pack for a vacation with your family, these products will make your experience that less stressful.”

One of Sarah’s Ten Travel Essentials is our Aeronaut carry-on travel bag.

Made in USA Packing List: Ten Travel Essentials

Read the full post at Made in USA Challenge.

Reviews4i on the Cadet

Reviews4i review of the TOM BIHN Cadet briefcase for iPad

“I cannot emphasize how much I enjoyed using the Cadet bag in every way possible. I cannot come up with one thing I can even nitpick about it at all. From the top shelf materials used to the perfect placement of every pocket and compartment it is just the perfect messenger style bag in my opinion. No matter what you throw its way it will still stay super slim as well which is a huge benefit for people constantly on the go.”

Read the full review at Reviews41. See also: the Cadet

Reviews4i review of the TOM BIHN Cadet briefcase for iPad

1 week, 2 kids, 2 adults, 1 empire builder, 2 aeronauts, 0 checked bags

1 week, 2 kids, 2 adults, 1 empire builder, 2 aeronauts. 0 checked bags.

Tweeted by @newtmitch “1 week, 2 kids, 2 adults, 1 empire builder, 2 aeronauts. 0 checked bags.”

In stock: Aeronaut, Snake Charmer + more

The Snake Charmer is now in stock in all colors, including new colors Wasabi and Cayenne.

The Smart Alec is in stock in Black/Black/Iberian — other colors will ship soon.

The Aeronaut is in stock in all colors.

Shipping soon: Size 15″ MacBook Pro Retina Horizontal Brain Cell and Vertical Brain Cell