In stock: Co-Pilot, Side Effect, 4Z Vertical Brain Cell

Thanks to our Seattle factory crew, the following bags are back in-stock and ready to ship:

Co-Pilot, all colors
Side Effect, all colors
Size 4Z Vertical Brain Cell (the size you’d want for your 15″ MacBook Pro)

Bye Solar, Hello ____

TOM BIHN Bye Solar Dyneema, Hello ____ Dyneema

The good news: we’re introducing a new color of our Dyneema/nylon ultralight ripstop fabric sometime this summer. If you’re a Solar fan, the not-so-good news is that the new color replaces Solar.

We (of course) aren’t going to tell you what the new color is just yet, but here’s a hint: those of you who appreciated the brightness of Solar won’t (we think) be disappointed.

We’re almost out of Solar so it’s unlikely we will make any further stock/bags out of Solar or with Solar linings. That means get them while they are available (the Synapse in Indigo/Solar has already sold out — forever.)

In stock: Ristretto for iPad

Our Seattle factory crew never ceases to amaze: the Ristretto for iPad is back in-stock and ready to ship in all colors. That’s weeks ahead of schedule.

Ristretto for the new iPad

Ristretto for iPad in Black/Steel.

Outdoor Peru: Western Flyer at Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport

Outdoor Peru on the TOM BIHN Western Flyer

Outdoor Peru
The Western Flyer

In stock: Travel Tray, Snake Charmer, Zephyr + more

Thanks to our Seattle factory crew, the following bags are back in stock and ship within one business day:

Travel Tray, all colors
Snake Charmer, all colors
Size 6X Horizontal Brain Cell
Zephyr, all colors

Today, we’re shipping many of the backorders for the Ristretto for iPad, Co-Pilot and Camera I-O, which means those bags will be back in stock soon.

cancoi: Swift in Cork after 4+ years of use

TOM BIHN Swift in Cork after four years photo by cancoi

Thanks to Cancoi for sharing this photo of her Swift in Cork with us.

Photo: Co-Pilot as a DSLR camera bag

Before the debut of the Camera I-O, we often used the Co-Pilot as a camera bag for our Canon 7D, lenses and accessories. The Co-Pilot was designed by Tom as a personal-sized carry-on travel bag and, even though it doesn’t have built-in padding, we felt our camera gear was adequately protected inside of the bag. When deltagorno posted in the TOM BIHN Forums to ask if the Co-Pilot could fit a DSLR and lenses, we responded with the below photo and others — see them all in “Q about Co-Pilot: Considering for SLR Camera Bag” in the Forums.

Co-Pilot as a DSLR camera bag

@TomBihn – Helping me stay organized

Photo by Jon 'Geo' Camp of the TOM BIHN Synapse

Photo by Jon ‘Geo’ Camp. See also: the Synapse backpack