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Our Brain Bag backpack is back in-stock in all colors: Black, Steel, Navy, Olive, and Universal Camouflage.

Brain Bag backpack by TOM BIHN. Made in USA.

Phindy Studios: Camera I-O gear review

Phindy Studios reviews the Camera I-O

“I recently had the great pleasure of acquiring an amazing new piece of gear. For ages we’ve carried around SEVERAL bags to shoots, always scrambling to find bits an pieces of what we need tucked here and there. I can’t even tell you how many times a lens cap or battery has gone missing. That’s why I am so excited that Tom Bihn has officially entered the camera bag market. We were first introduced to this bag maker when we were searching for the perfect bags to take on our Europe trip. We ended up getting a couple of the Tom Bihn Aeronaut bags and LOVED them. I have kept a close eye on what Tom Bihn has been doing ever since. So, I will be doing a full video review of these bags and the new AMAZING ‘Camera I-O’ in the near future. The camera insert is a simple, genius and modular solution. It basically lets you create a custom camera bag system to fit your needs. Below is a quick “what’s in my bag” shot of the insert paired with my Tom Bihn Brain Bag backpack, love it! The camera insert securely holds your camera bodies and lenses and then slides into the backpack. Tom Bihn also has a great assortment of smaller bags and pouches that keep everything nice and organized. I was lucky to get my hands on one before they hit the market. Stay tuned for more info and a video review!”

Read the full post on the Phindy Studios blog.

Phindy Studios specializes in beautifully modern wedding photography. Husband and wife team, Phil & Mindy Thornton, search for the story behind the wedding. They seek to document not just the look, but the laughter, the love, and the moments in between.

Phindy Studios Nashville Wedding Photographers

Ameria’s Little Swift review (photos + video)

Ameria's TOM BIHN Little Swift Review

See more of Ameria’s photos.

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Video: Using the Camera I-O

Dan shows you how to use the padded dividers of the Camera I-O. “What I love the most about the I-O divider system, is that it fully protects my camera and lenses from colliding with each other, without slowing me down in the field.”

@tombihn opened the factory store for us today!

@tombihn opened the factory store for us today!

@tombihn opened the factory store for us today! Total travel/gear geek moment for me, getting to see the factory. Amazing company, amazing people. Get online and grab yourself som Tom Bihn gear!” — tweeted by @beachbird

New Camera I-O Video by Dan

In this video, Dan shows you what he often puts into his Camera I-O bag. “With the help of time-lapse photography and way too much coffee, I’ll show you how I load all my equipment into the I-O in less than 20 seconds.”

New photos: Horizontal Freudian Slip

Horizontal Freudian Slip

The Horizontal Freudian Slip (like its fraternal twin the Vertical Freudian Slip) is an insert that gives you eleven extra pockets to provide total organization of your files and accessories. It fits inside many of our laptop bags, messenger bags, briefcases, and travel bags. In the above photo, it’s pictured in the Western Flyer along with our Horizontal Brain Cell laptop case.

More new photos can be seen on the Horizontal Freudian Slip page.

Brian Stowell’s Camera I-O review

Brian Stowell's Camera I-O and Brain Bag review

“My work has very particular needs and quirks. I travel with bands selling merchandise and taking photos – meaning I’m gone for weeks at a time (often 2-3 or more). I live out of two bags: my Brain Bag and my Aeronaut. The Brain Bag is my “mobile office”. The only time I’m not carrying it and working directly out of it, is when I’m asleep. For shorter trips (7-10 days), I use my Tri-Star. I never get to unpack during that time. I travel by plane, tour bus, van, cab and more. Everything needs to be as condensed and organized as possible, and all of my gear needs to be secure and within reach at all times. Up until now, when I went on tour, my camera body was wrapped in a t-shirt or hoodie,my two main lenses were wrapped in boot socks, and all three were stuffed into the main front pocket of my Brain Bag. Secure! Now [with the Camera I-O] I have built in padding, a built in carrying option, and a rigid structure for my bag and camera.”

Read Brian’s full review in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Brian Stowell's Camera I-O and Brain Bag review

jeffmac: Italy is definitely best by train

jeffmac: Italy is best by train (and the TOM BIHN Tri-Star)

“Of course a Tri-Star and a beautiful wife don’t hurt anything!!” — posted by jeffmac in the TOM BIHN Forums.

misterN’s Camera I-O review

misterN's review of the Camera I-O

“When we eventually arrived at the Hoover Dam, we decided it would be an exceptionally awesome idea to go out onto the pedestrian part of the new Pat Tillman Bridge and take pictures looking back onto the Hoover Dam. I didn’t want to take my Super Ego loaded with my computing devices—so I just took the [Camera I-O] Insert as a stand alone with an Absolute Strap attached (the Absolute Strap is probably overkill—the standard strap that comes with the Ristretto or Cadet would work great for this.)

After the lovely time taking pictures on the bridge that is an absurdly high over the Colorado River (around 900 feet above the water,) we went down to the Dam area. As it turns out, there is in fact a bag size limit posted near the parking lots. This got me sort of worried, as the Camera Insert was only slightly bigger than it –but then I saw a guy coming out of the tour with a backpack on. Still—I chose just to use the Camera Insert to bypass any issues.

The result: I was able to take about 400 pictures with relative ease and not having a huge weight on my back, all while having my camera equipment protected and with me.”

Read misterN’s full review in the TOM BIHN Forums.