joiedwards: TOM BIHN Coffee Nerd Kit

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I am a coffee nerd! I looked around for a coffee kit to use on travel and at work. I found the Aeropress and like it a lot. But with all the accouterments, I needed a case! Tom Bihn to the rescue. I got a Medium Yarn Stuff Sack. Everything fits with room to spare. I carry:
Aeropress (two pieces fit together), cup funnel, stir paddle, scoop spoon
a baggie of filters
a tea towel
a bag of freshly ground coffee

It unpacks like a breeze and packs in seconds. Fits in my Smart Alec, Brain Bag and Aeronaut. I can have great coffee anywhere I can get hot water!

TOM BIHN Coffee Nerd Kit

New photos: Vertical Brain Cell

The Vertical Brain Cell is a hard-sided laptop case designed to clip securely inside of our Brain Bag or Smart Alec backpacks. Inside of the Vertical Brain Cell, your laptop hangs suspended and cradled in a sling of 8mm thick soft foam padding inside a 4mm hard corrugated plastic shell that protects from the front, back, and bottom. Below the padded sling, fixed to the bottom of the corrugated plastic shell, is a 12mm thick strip of memory foam. Available in three sizes for Apple laptops and two sizes for PC laptops. See more new photos of the Vertical Brain Cell.

Vertical Brain Cell designed and made by TOM BIHN

Vertical Brain Cell designed and made by TOM BIHN

Vertical Brain Cell

In stock: the Aeronaut

The Aeronaut is back in-stock and ready to ship (that’s weeks ahead of schedule) in all colors.

Below: photos by gmich, posted in the thread “2 weeks with 2 Aeronauts” in the Forums.

TOM BIHN Aeronaut back in-stock

TOM BIHN Aeronaut back in-stock

Photo: Synapse at Sabarmati Ashram

“I havent seen a bag more intelligent than my Synapse. My Synapse is my survival kit, it holds my MacbookAir 11″, iPad, Kindle and various organizer pouches carry my stuff. My bag usually weighs 4.5 kgs, but the backpack straps of the Synapse makes it very comfortable to carry. The pic I have posted is of Sabarmati Ashram – Ahmedabad India. Mahatma Gandhi lived here and this was the epicenter of India’s Independence movement. Temperature was 43°C (110°F) when the pic was taken. Yet there was no sweat on my back thanks to new combination of mesh and 420 denier nylon on Synapse.” — photo by Maninder, posted on Facebook

Synapse at Sabarmati Ashram

Photo: My new Synapse from @tombihn

My new Synapse from @tombihn

Tweeted by @juchem — “My new Synapse backpack, by @tombihn… and a “few” accessories :-)”

ASFHB: I’m packing for the first time in a few weeks

I’m packing for the first time in a few weeks.

See the full post at A Search for Heartbreaking Beauty.

Tony Vincent with his Tri-Star

Tony Vincent with his TOM BIHN Tri-Star

Tony Vincent is a recording artist and Broadway actor who is (as you probably already know) competing on NBC’s The Voice He’s also a fan of our bags and, in particular, the Tri-Star.

Tony on using the Tri-Star: “I don’t know where to begin! I’m so over-the-moon about these bags! The construction, quality and detail are impeccable. The zippers are brilliantly rugged. The Absolute Shoulder Strap is fantastic. There is so much care and thought that went into the design of these bags, how their pockets are designed/positioned, the way the handles actually feel in one’s hand… I’m truly blown away by these bags– I can only imagine how proud you all are to to be part of a brand that has such quality and commitment in what they provide to the customer!”

WATCH: Tony Vincent performs “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” on NBC’s The Voice

Watch The Voice tonight at 9/8C. We’ll be voting for Tony.

Large Cafe Bag in Mandalay, Myanmar

Large Cafe Bag in Myanmar

The weekend of April 1st was historic in Myanmar where by elections across the country democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi and her party won in what’s considered to be the first fair election out of only three in the last half century– a huge and hopeful step forward for the country.

They also let foreign reporters in for the first time en masse to cover the events. Here’s a photo of one foreign journalist in the central Myanmar city of Mandalay, with the former Royal Palace grounds visible, reporting on the vote. TV journalists tell us that the Large Cafe Bag goes with them in tough conditions every step of the way. They’ve used the waist strap to carry a laptop to edit stories from internet cafes and hotel lobbies. And the Absolute Shoulder Strap works great during what can be very long days.

A little @TomBihn #synapse love during the Sakura season!

A little @TomBihn #synapse love during the Sakura season!

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