Even more photos from Brian Stowell’s Camera I-O review

Photos of the Camera I-O and Brain Bag by Brian Stowell. Read Brian’s review of the Camera I-O, posted in the Forums.

Even more photos from Brian Stowell's Camera I-O review

Even more photos from Brian Stowell's Camera I-O review

Even more photos from Brian Stowell's Camera I-O review

Even more photos from Brian Stowell's Camera I-O review

TOM BIHN Absolute Shoulder Straps are so awesome that today…

Tom Bihn Absolute Shoulder Straps are so awesome that today...

Posted on KidneyNotes.com, a blog on the intersection of medicine and technology.

In stock: Packing Cube Backpacks, Little Swift, Cache for iPad

Thanks to our Seattle factory crew, the following bags are back in-stock and ready to ship within one business day:

Little Swift, all colors, including Black/Hemp
Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut), all colors
Packing Cube Backpack (Tri-Star/Western Flyer), all colors
Cache, Horizontal, Size iPad
Cache, Vertical, Size iPad
Cache, Horizontal, Size 11Air
Clear Organizer Wallet, all colors (including Cork)

Brian Stowell’s updated On Tour packing list

“I mentioned in an old thread of mine that I would post an updated packing list. It’s amazing how much progess I’ve made in the last two years. I leave in a few hours for a 17 day trip, traveling all over the East Coast/Mid-Atlantic area of the US, selling merch for a band. I’m planning for very nice spring weather, 60s-70s, maybe some rain. But I work indoors mostly.”

Brian Stowell's updated packing list

Read the full thread in the TOM BIHN Forums for more of Brian’s packing lists. See also: Brian’s previous On Tour packing list.

Dana Constance Thomas: Travel Art Studio w/Field Journal Notebook

Dana Constance Thomas and her Field Journal Notebook

“Years ago I came up with an idea for travel design kits. They are of course specifically aimed at Fashion design. The inspiration was my years of playing with Tomy Fashion Plates.

Now that I have more time on my hands I have begun to delve back into the creation process of my design kits. So it occured to me that I could at least begin by organizing my existing travel art supplies. A mini studio that allows me to fashion sketch on the go.”

Dana Constance Thomas and her Field Journal Notebook

Read the full post by Dana Constance Thomas, designer and illustrator. See also: the Field Journal Notebook.

JLE: Imago and Large Cafe Bag comparison

“On another thread I said I had some pics to post of my new Imago and LCB. These photos are iPhone/JLE-quality (ie a bit on the ordinary side – I am no photographer!). I have included a side by side comparison which shows how similar in size the two bags are. I packed the same items in each bag, but unfortunately it looks as if the LCB packed shot is corrupted and it won’t upload (but it looked pretty much the same packed as the Imago!). Possibly of more interest are shots of my iPad going into the LCB vertically and horizontally with room to spare (in the shot with iPad in vertically, I pulled it out part way so you could see how the width of the iPad compares with the width of the bag).”

JLE: Imago and Large Cafe Bag Comparison Photos

Read the full thread — with more photos — posted by JLE in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Mark1966: Tri-Star vs briefcase, with photos

“My test pack [of the Tri-Star] was very quick and without trying to pack carefully. I stuffed RMs boots, toiletries, 5 days of socks and jocks, two pairs of jeans, 5 long sleeve shirts, 3 t-shirts and 3 polos along with a jumper into the thing as well as my laptop, papers etc. It looked stuffed to the gills and would probably not fit in the test unit at the gate but I could carry it easily enough.

More sensible packing could easily make this a 5 day bag WITHOUT having to wash.”

Read the full thread — with more photos — posted by Mark1966 in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Tri-Star vs briefcase photos

ncb4: Cardinal Co-Pilot as camera bag for DSLR kit (Part I)

“This is an ad hoc solution, nowhere near as elegant as the brand new Insert/Outsert. But if you have a smaller DSLR, or any of the smaller mirrorless micro-4/3 or other ILCs (interchangeable lens cameras), and/or you don’t carry as much gear around with you, and/or you’re just taking your camera and a spare lens out with you for a photo excursion, I think the Co-Pilot is an excellent choice.”

Main compartment:

•Olympus e620 DSLR with 25mm pancake lens attached
•Billingham single insert with camera inside
•Olympus 40-150mm Zuiko lens (the older, faster, and larger version), in soft pouch
•Olympus 35mm macro lens (Zuiko), in soft pouch
•Olympus 14-42mm Zuiko lens, in soft pouch
• Two filters in hard cases inside repurposed neoprene floppy disk case (in slip pocket)
•Two filters in hard cases, loose (in slip pocket)
•Cardinal Ballistic mini OP (empty at the moment)

ncb4 on the Co-Pilot as a camera bag

Read the full thread by ncb4 — with many great photos — in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Photo: Ililani waits for the Citizen Canine

“This is Ililani, our new family addition! She’s a rescue that’s been with us for about a month now, and she is very excited that I FINALLY placed my order for her Citizen Canine today! I expect the twice-a-day walks will be much more fun!”

Ililani waits for her TOM BIHN Citizen Canine

Posted by MagicTiki in the TOM BIHN Forums — read the full thread.

Mac|Life reviews the Cadet

“Tom Bihn’s bags are top-notch quality, thoughtfully designed to be as useful as they are handsome. The Cadet is the company’s slimmest briefcase-style bag, a natural fit for Apple’s slender, attractive hardware. I tested the smaller version, the 11/iPad size, and it fit my 11-inch MacBook Air, two iPads, and a charger in the main compartment. My iPhone rides in the soft suede-lined pocket out front. An organizer pocket holds my mouse, pens, wallet, and keys. The unzipped pocket on the back is perfect for a couple of file folders and a legal pad.”

TOM BIHN Cadet reviewed at Mac|Life

Read the full review by Susie Ochs at Mac|Life.