Recap: what debuted this week + what’s in-stock

Debuted this week:

Camera I-O
Tripod-Lighting Kit Quivers (two sizes)
Matterhorn Water Bottle
NOOK Pouches

Design update: as always, Tom is working on several new designs, though we don’t expect anything to debut anything else for a few months.

What’s back in-stock:

Empire Builder
Large Cafe Bag
(And backorders for the Brain Bag are shipping today and early next week, so it should be back in-stock soon.)

Two great photos via Twitter

@nukediver Heading home from IAH with the best damn luggage on the planet. Thanks @tombihn!

Best luggage on the planet

@aj_mct Thought I would show you guys the mess you help me org every day. Brain Bag w/ MacBook pro, books, etc.

How a Canon 5d+battery grip fits in the Camera I-O

How the Camera I-O fits the Canon 5D+battery grip

The above photos show a Canon 5D with a battery grip (this combination approximates the size of the body of the Canon 1D) in the Camera I-O. As you can see, it’s a tight squeeze, but it does fit.

Introducing the Camera I-O (ready to ship)

TOM BIHN Camera I-O (Insert/Outsert) bag

The Camera I-O (Insert-Outsert) is designed to help you carry your DSLR body, several lenses, an external flash, and accessories. Originally conceived as a padded insert to be added to our Brain Bag backpack (the Camera I-O also fits in the Super Ego, Ego, Empire Builder, ID and Aeronaut)
we’ve added features so that it can also be used as a great, stand-alone, shoot-from-the-hip photo bag.

The Camera I-O ($110) and optional Tripod-Lighting Kit Quivers ($40-$45) are available for order now and ship within one business day.

TOM BIHN Camera I-O bag

TOM BIHN Camera I-O Bag

Included with the Camera I-O are four padded dividers designed to allow you to optimize and organize the space inside of the bag based on what gear you will carry. Also included with the Camera I-O is a padded, removable lid system. When traveling from location to location with the Camera I-O inside our Brain Bag or other bag, the lid system is a great way to add an extra level of protection for your gear; when using the I-O on its own, the lids will help keep dust, dirt and light precipitation out as well.

TOM BIHN Camera I-O Bag

Carry a travel tripod or lighting gear? You may want to add a Tripod-Lighting Kit Quiver, which is available in two sizes: 360mm ($40) and 520mm ($45). The Quivers can be clipped to the sides or bottom of the Camera I-O, carried on their own with an optional shoulder strap, or packed inside of a larger bag. We call them “Quivers” because Tom’s brother Dan, who helped develop the Camera I-O, works out of the bags as he’s shooting, pulling out his lighting gear or tripod like it’s the Hunger Games.

TOM BIHN Tripod-Lighting Kit Quivers

Learn more about the Camera I-O and Tripod-Lighting Kit Quiver. Want to see more videos that show how Dan uses his Camera I-O and Tripod-Lighting Kit Quivers? Visit our YouTube Camera I-O playlist.

Camera Insert/Outsert Trailer

We’re not fans of movie trailers that give away the whole story, so our trailer for Tom’s new design — the Camera Insert/Outsert — is more of a teaser. Dig out your 3D glasses and stay tuned: we’ll be releasing the long-awaited Camera Insert/Outsert (and more videos) within the next few days.

New: NOOK™ Pouches

TOM BIHN pouches for the NOOK™

Our NOOK™ Simple Touch and NOOK™ Color or NOOK™ Tablet pouches are as simple as it gets and they may be as good as it gets, too: they’re a flat pouch that closes with a zipper on the top. The top is cut a bit wider than the bottom, which allows the opening to be a little generous for easy in and out, and gives the pouch its distinctive shape. Like our other Organizer Pouches, the NOOK™ Simple Touch and NOOK™ Color or NOOK™ Tablet pouches have a snap hook so you can snap it inside of our bigger bags. Available in real Cork fabric from Portugal, Ultrasuede, or Padded (1/4″ / 8mm foam laminated to Taslan® nylon outside and soft brushed tricot inside).

Our NOOK™ Pouches are in-stock and ship within one business day. $15-$20.


NOOK™ pouches by TOM BIHN

In stock: Ristretto for iPad, Empire Builder, Checkpoint Flyer

Thanks to our Seattle factory crew, the following bags are back in-stock and ready to ship:

Checkpoint Flyer, Black/Cardinal and Black/Steel
Empire Builder, Black/Black/Steel, Black/Forest/Steel and Black/Steel/Steel
Ristretto for iPad, all colors

Empire Builder briefcase

New photos of the Western Flyer

We’ve added 30+ new photos of our Western Flyer carry-on travel bag. A few are below; more of the new photos can be seen on the Western Flyer page.

Our Western Flyer carry-on travel bag

Our Western Flyer carry-on travel bag

Our Western Flyer carry-on travel bag

Our Western Flyer carry-on travel bag

Our Western Flyer carry-on travel bag

Patti Digh: Love my TOM BIHN bags

Patti Digh loves her TOM BIHN bags

“Love my Tom Bihn bags” Tweeted by @pattidigh
Shown in the photo are the Tri-Star and Cafe Bag.