Photo: Tom Bihn Brain Bags carry our gear to Rwanda

Photo: Tom Bihn Brain Bags carry our gear to Rwanda

Left: a 2002 Brain Bag in Sapphire. Right: a 2011 Brain Bag in Black.

Posted by retrophisch on Flickr. See also: the Brain Bag.

Gadgeteer: Citizen Canine review

“I love tech. I love my dog. I really love things that allow me to use tech in relation to other things in my life, like my dog, Jack. Tom Bihn, a premier bag maker in Seattle, has a great specialty bag called the Citizen Canine which can help you keep all your “dog stuff” in one place. I was sent the black version with the Steel grid interior to test.”

Read the full review at the Gadgeteer. See also: the Citizen Canine.

The Gadgeteer reviews the Citizen Canine

Photo: Synapse at the Roman theater in Amman, Jordan

Synapse at Roman theater in Amman, Jordan

The Synapse at the Roman theater in Amman, Jordan. Photo posted by Franco in the TOM BIHN Forums.

The Talk Show #77 with Dan Benjamin & John Gruber (on the new Ristretto)

The Talk Show with Dan Benjamin and John Gruber discuss the TOM BIHN Ristretto

We think you’ll want to listen to the entire show if you haven’t already (other topics include evolution of MacWorld|iWorld, the evolution and future of cameras and camera makers, Super Bowl winners that make John sick, the inevitable Facebook IPO, and Apple factories), but if you want to go straight to the discussion of the Ristretto, jump to about 51:18 in the broadcast. Listen here.

And just for Dan: here’s a photo of the Ristretto empty of stuff except for a 13″ MacBook Pro.

Ristretto empty of stuff except 13" MacBook Pro

Large Shop Bag in Japan

Shop Bag in Japan photo by Jon ‘Geo’ Camp

“So useful it’s hard to describe. Especially when your grocery run includes walking, stairs, subways in all or various forms.”

Another great photo iPhone photo taken by Jon ‘Geo’ Camp.

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Shop Bag

Video review of the Tri-Star by Jake Ludington

TOM BIHN Carry-On Luggage for Travel @ LockerGnome
Jake Ludington’s review of the Brain Bag

The Brooks Review: Smart Alec (Part III)

Brooks Review: Smart Alec review Part III

“The absolute best part of the [Smart Alec] bag is how the pockets open, because it’s very easy to stand the bag up on the ground and pull out my iPad from the main compartment. I don’t have to futz about with balancing the bag and trying to get my iPad out as I have had to with most shoulder bags. Set the backpack down, unzip, and pull the iPad out — all while the bag is standing upright on its own.

I can do that one handed.”

Read the full Brooks Review: Smart Alec (Part III) See also: the Smart Alec

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New use for the Travel Tray

“Latest use for Travel Tray: Airplane picnic basket. I packed mine with plastic bags of crackers, cheese, fruit, etc., and pulled the drawstring shut. On the plane I took it out and folded the top back, so my food was sitting in it instead of on the tray table, and when I was done I could just close it up again with the leftovers and cracker crumbs and pop it back in my carry-on (Smart Alec with a Little Swift and Yarn Stuff Sack inside, and the Western Flyer in the overhead bin). Thanks TB!”
Posted by AlexD in the TOM BIHN Forums.

(We think that’s pretty smart.)

New use for he Travel Tray