Sole Sisters gear review: Tri-Star

Sole Sisters Gear Review: TOM BIHN Tri-Star travel bag

“Admittedly, I’ve been through quite a few men bags since I started traveling extensively 4 years ago. Some of them have been acquired on impulse or hand me downs. And as you may know, relationships like that can never last long. Some had been exhaustively researched and deemed as investments. But somewhere along way, I’ve felt shortchanged when their performance turned out to be unimpressive.

This time, I’ve found a keeper. Could he [The Tri-Star] also be The One for you?”

Sole Sisters Gear Review: TOM BIHN Tri-Star travel bag

obviousamerica on the Smart Alec

obviousamerica on the TOM BIHN Smart Alec

“Seattle has been the home of one of the finest bag makers since 1972…Tom Bihn designs every bag for the company that bears his name and their staff of outdoor enthusiasts use and abuse the bags every day to ensure the highest of Made in USA quality. TOM BIHN Bags makes more than bags; they make smart products that improve your life. There couldn’t be a more appropriate name for our favorite bag – The Smart Alec.

Read the full post at obviousamerica.

TOM BIHN Smart Alec backpack

The Gadgeteer reviews our Clear Organizer Wallet

“Here’s my wallet loaded up with my overflow cards. You can clearly see the Ultrasuede dividers inside. I don’t carry my driver’s license in this wallet, but Butch does (see lead photo in the review). The Urethane front is clear enough that you can present your license for an ID check without having to remove it from the wallet.”

The Gadgeteer Reviews the TOM BIHN Clear Organizer Wallet

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macfilos: Ristretto and MacBook Air thefts — Athens sleuths get their men

“It’s the cool of the evening in Athens and I am back home to reflect on the day’s excitement and tales of derring-do. It’s not often you get an iPad and a MacBook Air stolen, then follow the exciting chase block by block through a city before the culprits are apprehended.

My devices and the hardy Ristretto bag are now back in my possession, thanks to Sergeant Hanis and his colleagues at the Glyfada police station, and are seemingly none the worse for their exciting adventures.”

Read the full story at macfilos. In addition to Find My iPad, what helped the Athens police track down the stolen Ristretto and its contents was bag’s Cocoa color. Mike of macfilos notes: “They recognised them because of my description of the Ristretto, which is in a coffee colour and stands out from all the black bags.”

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Tardis Packing Cube

TOM BIHN Tardis Packing Cube

Curious to find out what other folks can fit in their TOM BIHN bags? Check out the Packing Lists section of our forums.

In stock: Aeronaut, Vertical Freudian Slip, Travel Tray, Snake Charmer, more

Thanks to our Seattle factory crew, the following bags are back in-stock and ready to ship within one business day:

Brain Bag, all colors
Aeronaut, all colors
Vertical Freudian Slip
Travel Tray, all colors
Snake Charmer, all colors
Size 6Z Vertical Brain Cell
Travel Money Belt
Size 2M Horizontal Brain Cell

The Aeronaut in Black/Black/Iberian

BLiNK Perspectives on Design by HDR review of the Smart Alec

BLiNK Perspectives on Design by HDR review of the Smart Alec

“I spent quite a bit of time researching backpacks when I started commuting to the city by train. I didn’t want a backpack that had tons of zippers, pockets and gadgets – something too outdoorsy. I wanted a backpack that was stylish, secure, and made in the USA. Thankfully, I found the Smart Alec backpack by Tom Bihn. It’s been through five months of use and abuse now and I am ready to review it.”

Read the full review by John Gresko at BLiNK.

Restless Tech reviews the Cadet

Restless Tech reviews the Cadet

“James Bond valued something not just for its appearance but also for its utility. The Cadet has that combination of looks and brains that would make Bond smile and raise an eyebrow. It couples those attributes with the strength and durability to shine at an embassy party or speed safely through a car chase.

It is truly an excellent choice for my applications. It is big enough to carry what I need. A laptop, an iPad and all the supporting accessories fit into the bag in a nicely comported way. It flies through a TSA screening with the panache of a man with multiple passports.”

Read the full review at Restless Tech. See also: the Cadet.

Restless Tech: Travel Tray Review

Restless Tech Reviews the Travel Tray

“It also makes a perfect portable tray for stuff that can’t go through security at the airport. Unload your pockets into the travel tray and then pull the flap over the top and pull the drawstring. Every thing is secure and goes through the X ray to be recovered on the other side. Then you can just pop the whole thing into the pocket of your luggage to reassemble everything when you are safely at your gate.”

Read the full review at Restless Tech.

See also: the Travel Tray, which is currently on backorder but should ship by the end of this week.

Restless Tech reviews the TOM BIHN Travel Tray

24 Great Photos in the Beers & Beans TOM BIHN Flickr Set

24 Great Photos in the Beers & Beans Flickr Set

Above: the Tri-Star and Horizontal Freudian Slip.

See the Beers & Beans Tom Bihn Luggage Review set on Flickr.

24 More Great Photos from the Beers & Beans review of TOM BIHN bags