ydigital: Synapse and Rock Scramble in Las Vegas w/ Neil of Hike This!

Rock Scramble in Las Vegas w/ Neil of Hike This!

“I wanted to share a photo that Neil, our guide and owner of Hike This!, took of me with the Synapse at Red Rock Canyon. The rock scramble was a great time and the Synapse was all that I could ask for. It held my water bottle, phone, jacket and Leica with room to spare. Thanks Tom and Neil!”

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Photo: What’s in my Super Ego

What's in my Super Ego messenger bag

See the photo by csmarshall on Flickr.

See also: the Super Ego.

Photo: My New Swift Has Arrived

Photo: My New Swift Has Arrived

Shown: the Swift in Forest/Hemp. Thanks to Alexandra Guerson for the (as always) great photos.

The Gadgeteer reviews our Travel Tray

“We’ve all done this… We get to our travel destination and take all the stuff out of our pockets and dump it on the nearest table. At some point or another, we have problems finding object x because we set it down somewhere in our room and can’t remember where. The Travel Tray from Tom Bihn is an elegant and easy to use solution to this problem. It will keep all your doodads and whatsits in one place so you’ll never have to run around your hotel room trying to find a misplaced item.”

Gadgeteer reviews the TOM BIHN Travel Tray

Gadgeteer reviews the TOM BIHN Travel Tray accessory

Camera Obscura: Synapse best travel daypack for photographers

Camera Obscura: Synapse best travel backpack for photogaphers

“My search has finally ended. I have a huge collection of day packs which I use both day to day and more importantly when traveling. I have tried many dedicated photo day packs but have never been happy as I always have other stuff with me. My new TOM BIHN Synapse day pack fits the bill perfectly. It allows me to carry all kinds of stuff and a DSLR and a compact system with ease. Made in the USA with the highest quality materials this is one sweet bag.”

Read the full review (with additional photos) on Camera Obscura.

Camera Obscura: TOM BIHN Synapse best travel backpack for photographers

Brain Bag might sell out soon

If you were thinking of getting a Brain Bag, you may want to place your order soon: we’re close to selling out of colors Black, Steel, and Navy. Once those colors sell out, they will be made available for backorder. Our Seattle factory will begin work on the next batch of Brain Bags soon.

TOM BIHN Brain Bag Backpack

GeekyGuide Review of the Cadet

“With all the positive things we mentioned above, the Cadet is certainly a bag/briefcase to have. It guarantees maximum protection for your laptop and iPad. It is also very functional and allows you to keep your things organized inside your bag. Made of superior materials, the Cadet is sure to last for a long time.”

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Bailey with his Citizen Canine

Baily with his TOM BIHN Citizen Canine

Thanks to gizmo for sharing this photo of Bailey and his Citizen Canine.

American Station: U.S. Bags for Every Occasion

American Station: U.S. bags for every occasion

“Tom Bihn has done it. The Checkpoint Flyer Briefcase is a laptop bag that passes checkpoint screening while the laptop is still inside of the laptop bag. Previously, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) required that all passengers traveling with a laptop computer must remove their laptop from their bag and place it in a bin for screening. The design by Tom Bihn meets new TSA guidelines that offer a clear and unobstructed image of the laptop in the bag when undergoing X-ray screening, yet are still protective. Tom Bihn has met the TSA’s design challenge. Even better, this bag is made in the Tom Bihn factory in Seattle, Washington. I don’t have one of these bags yet, but I can hardly wait to travel without unpacking and reloading my laptop at airline security checkpoints. Woohoo!”

Read the full post at American Station.

maverick photo: at the empire state building with the Western Flyer!

at the 86th floor observatory at the empire state building with the western flyer!

Photo by maverick. See more in maverick’s thread “to new york with the western flyer!” in the TOM BIHN Forums.