Seven Skies Luxury Travel and the Side Effect (Photos)

Nathan Wedding of Seven Skies Luxury Travel sent us the following email and (awesome) photos.

Seven Skies Luxury Travel and the Side Effect

Seven Skies has just completed two of its latest luxury adventures to Borneo, Malaysia and we wanted to let you know what we and the Tom Bihn Side Effects got up to during our travels. As you know, our welcome gift to our clients was the Side Effect (in Indigo), and this great little Tom Bihn bag went with our clients everywhere on both of our 10 day luxury adventures through Borneo.

The Side Effect began things in style, joining us as we island resort hopped by sea kayak exploring the coral-fringed and forested islands of Abdul Rahman Marine Park, just off the coast of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. It was a great few days – sandy island beaches, warm tropical waters, luxury villas, and some of Borneo’s best seafood.

The first big test for the Side Effects was making the summit of South-East Asia’s highest mountain, Mount Kinabalu, Borneo, and then conquering the world’s highest (and Asia’s only) via ferrata. After climbing to around 3,289m on the first day, we made it to Pendant Hut and our lodging for the night. With Side Effects in tow, we set off at 2am the following morning for the final ascent to make the summit of Mount Kinabalu (4095m), Low’s Peak, for sunrise, and then descended to Sayat Sayat to conquer the world’s highest via ferrata (3776m). So, it what may be a first the Side Effect summited Mount Kinabalu twice in 20 days and conquered the world’s highest via ferrata!

Seven Skies Luxury Travel and TOM BIHN

Seven Skies Luxury Travel and TOM BIHN Bags

We changed the pace over the next few days, flying to Sandakan to begin our Kinabatangan River wildlife safari. Exploring the river by boat, the Side Effects were perfect companions – used as a waste pack by our clients they were easily accessible for those bits and pieces you need when you’re spotting for and photographing wildlife. The Kinabatangan River lived up to its reputation as one of the world’s most remarkable wildlife areas, delivering us herds of Borneo pygmy elephants, groups of wild orang-utans, proboscis monkeys, macaque monkeys, seven of the eight species of hornbills, snake species and numerous other bird, animal and plant species.

Seven Skies Luxury Travel

As Seven Skies’ founder, I often spend weeks away at a time escorting our luxury adventures. During both of Seven Skies recent Borneo luxury adventures, my Tom Bihn mobile office – the Aeronaut, my indispensable Packing Cube Shoulder Bag, and an array of Organizer Pouches and Clear Quarter Packing Cubes – performed perfectly. Thanks again Tom Bihn for looking after us and our clients so well.” — Nathan Wedding

Seven Skies and TOM BIHN Travel Bags

Seven Skies Luxury Travel and the TOM BIHN Packing Cube

Seven Skies is a luxury adventure travel company that specialises in exclusive small-group adventure travel in some of the world’s most exotic and culturally diverse locations such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Borneo, Sri Lanka and remote South West Tasmania, Australia. Their trips combine exhilarating adventure activities – sea kayaking, cycling, mountain climbing, gentle trekking, and river and jungle safaris – with luxury accommodation, delicious cuisine, and personalised service.

Forums: Women Traveling Solo

Women Traveling Solo thread in the TOM BIHN Forums

Photo by notmensa.

This New York Times interview with Jodi Ettenberg – solo traveler extraordinaire and author of Legal Nomads – made us wonder how many of you are women who travel solo. As a solo traveler, do you place some level of trust in the universe and go with your gut? Do you take precautions? And if so, what are they? Has your consideration of the risks of a trip ended in your decision not to go? What are the benefits of traveling solo?

Post your thoughts and experiences in the TOM BIHN Forums thread “Women Traveling Solo”. And this is pretty darn cool — Jodi Ettenberg has joined the discussion and is ready to answer your questions.

Photo by Beck Tench: What’s in my (Brain) Bag?

Photo by Beck Tench: What's in my Brain Bag?

Photo by Beck Tench. See the photo on Flickr. See also: the Brain Bag.

Photo: Patti, Dudley and the Citizen Canine

Patti and Dudley at a Rescue A Golden Meet and Greet

Above: Patti and Dudley the Golden volunteering at a Rescue A Golden of
Meet and Greet with their Citizen Canine. Rescue a Golden has been rescuing Golden Retrievers and finding new permanent homes for them since 1998.

Brian Stowell: Tom Bihn Smart Alec packing for tour photo

Brian Stowell: TOM BIHN Smart Alec packing for tour photo

Photo by Brian Stowell. Read more in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Smart Alec (Steel Solar) w/ Brain Cell & Snake Charmer

– 1 Macbook Pro 13″ (kept in Brain Cell)
– Canon Rebel XT w/ 17-70mm lens attached (not pictured because it’s taking the pictures!)
– 2 zip up hoodies (One for wearing, one to wrap around my camera to keep it safe)
– 1 external hard drive w/ USB cable & case (for music and photo storage)
– 1 power strip
– first aid kit (tylenol, advil, bandaids, etc)
– sunglasses w/ case
– passport (I keep it tucked inside the small pocket on the front of the Brain Cell)
– stack of business cards
– 1 poncho (for emergencies!)
– 2 ball point pens
– Earbuds
– 1 medium sized notebook
– toothbrush w/ case
– earplugs

Snake Charmer – in which I keep:

– computer charger
– iPhone charger
– camera battery charger
– 2 camera batteries
– 2 CompactFlash cards
– camera transfer hub
– 1 external hard drive (for Time Machine back ups)
– 2 USB cables
– 1 screen cleaning cloth

Photo: Doreen’s Knitting Kit

Doreen's Knitting Kit

Photo by mom2rays. Posted on Flickr.

Seattle Dog Spot: Citizen Canine Review

Seattle Dog Spot reviews the TOM BIHN Ciitzen Canine

“The Citizen Canine bag was clearly designed by a dog lover who understood the daily hide and seek game we play to find all our doggy provisions for walks.”

Seattle Dog Spot reviews the TOM BIHN Ciitzen Canine

Read the full review at Seattle Dog Spot. See also: the Citizen Canine.

And, if you’re a Seattle area person, make sure to check out the Adopt Me! section where Seattle Dog Spot highlights great dogs (like Abe) looking for homes.

Honestly, Abe would make a great companion

New Colors of Krebs Recycle Dog Leashes

We’ve added three new colors of Krebs Recycle Dog Leashes: Green, Silver, and Purple White. Note that Purple White is a very limited edition color; we only have a small quantity. Krebs Recycle leashes are made from recycled climbing rope and our recycled 500d Cordura and they’re the only dog leashes we use. Krebs Recycle leashes are available for order with our Citizen Canine dog walking/training bag or separately.

Krebs Recycle Dog Leashes and the TOM BIHN Citizen Canine

DrawnToDevour: Smart Alec watercolor

Watercolor of TOM BIHN Smart Alec by DrawnToDevour

Watercolor of the Smart Alec by DrawnToDevour.

New: Ballistic Organizer Pouches in Black

TOM BIHN 1050d Ballistic Organizer Pouches

Our Ballistic Organizer Pouches are now available in Black in all sizes: Mini, Small, Pen/Pencil and Medium. Also available are Mini in Cardinal, Small in Navy, Pen/Pencil in Steel and Medium in Forest. Made for us in the U.S.A. and dyed to our specifications, our 1050d ballistic nylon is extrodinarily abrasion-resistant (it has twice the abrasion resistance of 1680 denier fabric) and used as the main exterior fabric of many of our travel bags, laptop bags, messenger bags and briefcases. Ballistic Organizer Pouches are in stock and ship within one business day. $9-$13.

High Tenacity 1050d Ballistic Nylon Organizer Pouches

Ballistic Nylon Organizer Pouches

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