Video: Co-Pilot review in Spanish

Photo: Brain Bag, Aeronaut, Empire Builder, accessories

“Tom Bihn, true American products. In use: Brain Bag, Aeronaut, Empire Builder, plus hidden TB accessories. Buy American, buy Tom Bihn.”

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Customer photo: Brain Bag, Aeronaut, Empire Builder

Tynan 2011 Unpacking Video

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Tynan: 2011 Gear Update (Style Edition) (the Synapse backpack)

“My entire wardrobe can fit in a ziploc bag. I initially pared down just for travel, but even though I have plenty of room in the RV, I keep no additional clothes there. My recommendations are intended for minimalist travelers, but even if you don’t leave your local bus system, my suggestions remain the same. There’s convenience and joy in simplicity.”

And, on the Synapse backpack:
“I’m a logical person. I don’t believe in superstition. I think science can explain everything. All that said, I have no idea how so much stuff can fit into the Tom Bihn Synapse. My jackets stuff into the bottom pocket, my kindle and camera go in the middle pocket, chargers and cables fill up the side pockets, my laptop and clothes fill up half of the main compartment, and the other half stays empty.”

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The Gadgeteer reviews the Cadet

The Gadgeteer review of the TOM BIHN Cadet

“There are a lot of bags out there that are made from some unspecified type of “nylon” material. But 1050 denier is the good stuff. And I don’t know what it is about the 1050 denier that Tom Bihn uses in their bags, but not only does it have a very solid and protective feel, it also feels relatively soft and supple, not rigid and scratchy like you might find with many of the tactical or military-styled bags that also use 1050 denier.”

Read the full review by Andy Jacobs at The Gadgeteer. And be sure to check out the many photos that accompany the review, including unboxing photos:

The Gadgeteer Review of the TOM BIHN Cadet Unboxing

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We’re back at work

TOM BIHN crew back at work at our Seattle Factory

One last (for now) lowland snow snowshoe hike with the Smart Alec.

We’re here at the Seattle factory shipping orders received over the last two days while we were stuck at home due to the winter storm. There shouldn’t be any more delays shipping orders as the snow is supposed to melt today through this weekend. Thanks again for your patience and understanding. We’re glad to be back at work. (Special thanks to Katy, Eliam, and Brian for their great work today getting here.) As always, you’re welcome to email or call us (1-800-729-9607) with any questions.

macfilos: Empire Builder briefcase review

macfilos Review: TOM BIHN Empire Builder laptop briefcase

“In common with the Ristretto and almost every bag in the Tom Bihn range, the Empire Builder is a great system bag. I can use all the zipped pouches I bought for the Ristretto and there are loads of new gizmos to keep my devices secure, my cables organised and my documents and valuables safe.”

Read the full review by Mike Evans at macfilos. See also: the Empire Builder

Update on shipping and the Seattle winter storm

We had hoped that temperatures would rise today, melting the snow and ice that made it impossible for us to safely get to our Seattle headquarters yesterday. Unfortunately, the winter storm has continued and Seattle is getting more snow and freezing rain today. We hope tomorrow will be a different story. Until then, we’re answering your emails and phone calls (make sure to leave us a voicemail if we don’t pick up so we can return your call) from home but are unable to ship orders until we’re back at our Seattle headquarters. Everyone who placed an order due to be shipped today will be individually contacted. Questions? Email us.

Thanks for your understanding and support — we’ve received countless emails from you wishing us safety and warmth, and we truly appreciate it.

Still a snow day in Seattle

Some people are still enjoying the winter weather.

Alaska Dispatch: How to prepare for Alaska travel

“The complementary piece to the rolling bag is the backpack. And I’m a bit pickier with this, since I haul my computer and cameras. I like the “Brain Bag” from Tom Bihn Luggage in Seattle. It’s well-engineered, with lots of clips, straps and pockets for keys, water bottle, book and power cords. Bihn and his crew pay special attention to extra padding for laptops. There are hundreds of backpacks out there, but I’ve found the traveling backpack is much different than the wilderness expedition backpack. Check around and find the right one.”

Brain Bag backpack by TOM BIHN. Made in USA.

Read the full article by Scott McMurren at Alaska Dispatch.

It’s a snow day

It’s official: we’re working from home today due to the winter weather here in Seattle. We’re answering your emails and phone calls (make sure to leave us a voicemail if we don’t pick up so we can return your call) but are unable to ship orders until we’re back at our Seattle headquarters, which we hope will be tomorrow. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this might cause you. If there’s anything further we can do, please let us know. Everyone who placed an order due to be shipped today will be individually contacted. Questions? Email us.

Staff photos of the snow:

It's a snow day at TOM BIHN

It's a snow day at TOM BIHN

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Cool Tools: Western Flyer review

Cool Tools review of the TOM BIHN Western Flyer travel bag

“Why is the Tom Bihn Western Flyer better than my favorite suitcase, messenger bag, or backpack? This bag combines the elements of all of these into one super tidy, easy to use package. Like a suitcase, I can pack everything I need for travel. The main compartment is big enough to store days worth of clothes and a change of shoes. I packed for a ten day trip in Nepal in just this bag! The front compartment has a divider to split the compartment in two and generally keeps my toiletries, electronics (chargers, etc) and books organized and easy to reach wthout digging through my unmentionables. The front pockets are weather sealed and hold my travel pillow, headphones, keys (and all the other bits and pieces I pick up along the way). The bag has an optional handle, shoulder strap and hide-away backpack straps. Because I like the balance and comfort of a backpack, these padded straps are out all the time and keep my hands free for a coffee and/or a roller bag.”

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