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December 2011

firewatch: Packing Ultralight for China (Just the Synapse)

“Hello! I recently bought my first Tom Bihn bag: an olive/solar Synapse. I purchased it to take on a four-week trip to China. It was the only bag I took with me, which was a big change in my packing habits. I used to carry an old school-size backpack on short trips, and rolling luggage on long trips. The old backpack made my back feel awful, and rolling suitcases don’t mesh well with staircases. It was definitely time to try something new, and I was inspired by online articles and blogs to pack as little as possible.”

Read the full post by firewatch in the TOM BIHN Forums.

src="" alt="firewatch: Packing Ultralight for China (Just the Synapse)" width="450" height="338">

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Seattle Canine Extravaganza

src="" alt="Seattle Canine Extravaganza" width="450" height="75">

On Sunday, December 11th from 12-3pm at Paws-Abilities in Fife, Washington, the Pawsitive Alliance will host a Canine Christmas Extravaganza featuring adoptable dogs from over 20 rescue groups and shelters, workshops and pet supply vendors. You’ll also get the chance to buy a raffle ticket to win a Citizen Canine, with the money generated from the raffle benefiting the Pawsitive Alliance, whose vision is a happy and healthy home for every dog and cat in Washington State. Learn more about this great event at the Pawsitive Alliance website.

src="" alt="Seattle Canine Extravaganza" width="324" height="300">
Teaching “Sit” with treats and the Citizen Canine.

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Update on the Travel Tray (first user photo)

Phil Baker: Gift guide for the holidays

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“I’ve looked at dozens of products over the year, and here are some of my favorites that make great holiday gifts.”

Check out Phil Baker’s Gift Guide for the holidays, featuring our Cadet amongst other cool stuff.

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ABC World News wants to hear from you

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ABC World News:
“World News with Diane Sawyer” is gearing up for a “Made in America Christmas” and we need your help.

The average American will spend $704 on holiday gifts and goodies this year, totaling more than $465 billion, the National Retail Federation estimates. If that money was spent entirely on US made products it would create 4.6 million jobs. But it doesn’t even have to be that big. If each of us spent just $64 on American made goods during our holiday shopping, the result would be 200,000 new jobs.

Now we want to know, are you in? If so, we want to hear from you. How are you planning on spending your $64?”

Are you in? You are if you’ve bought (or are buying) any gifts from us this year. And we’re guessing you’re buying other Made in America stuff too. ABC World News wants to hear about it — share your photos, video, and comments with ABC World News here.

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