Thoughtful Design — In Search of: A better computer bag

TOM BIHN Ristretto

Part 1:

“I wanted to be able to carry my MBA and an iPad, a moelskine notebook, a magazine or two – some small accessories and power supplies. I wanted to lighten up – work for the 80/20 rule instead of trying to pack for every scenario when I travel or go tot a friends house to collaborate on a project. Basically I was and am tired of carrying everything I own everywhere I go.”

Part 2:
Excerpt: “So after a lot of thought, too much thought , I plunked down my money and ordered the Tom Bihn Ristretto. Of course as soon as I ordered it they were back ordered for a few weeks. But I figured that was due to the large amount of press they had received from bloggers and fans. I was fine as the site told me right up front. I had to travel in about 2.5 weeks so there should be plenty of time.”

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Photo: My @tombihn Imago is great

My TOM BIHN Imago Fits...

“My @tombihn Imago is great. All of my and Neal’s carry-on items fit in it and I still had leg room. Amazing.”

My TOM BIHN Imago Fits....

See also: the Imago, available in colors Navy/Cork/Wasabi, Black/Black/Steel, Forest/Cork/Steel, Cardinal/Hemp/Steel, Plum/Olive/Olive and Cocoa/Cocoa/Wasabi.

Laptop Reviews on the Brain Bag backpack

Laptop Review on the TOM BIHN Brain Bag

“The Brain Bag does an amazing job of swallowing books, laptops, papers, clothes and whatever else you stuff in there. It’s like a magic hat, things just seem to keep fitting in. The amount of features and ability to accessorize and organize the Brain Bag are awesome too.”

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Photo by Brandon Muramatsu

“I bought a Tom Bihn bag a while back and I asked them to include a note about what Steve Jobs meant to them. (I can’t take credit for the idea, I found a post on their twitter account or the web where someone else asked them to include a personalized note.)

Thanks, Tom Bihn. You make some great products, and I’m glad that I’ve been able to buy from you and recommend you others for what seems like a decade now.”
Brandon Muramatsu

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The Brooks Review: Smart Alec (Part II)

“What surprised me the most was just how much I loved the modular nature of my packing with the Smart Alec. Two small bags for my toiletries (one is TSA approved for liquids, too small for everything) one Snake Charmer for all my electronic goodies and my small pouch for the often used accessories. It was truly great to just pull out a little bag of items when I needed to get something instead of digging through large pockets filled with these items.

With all this in the bag it carried surprisingly well and allowed me to keep both hands free to carry gifts and my wife’s rolling luggage when we arrived places.”

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Co-Pilot and Cafe Bags Brave the Snow

Co-Pilot, Medium Cafe Bag and Small Cafe Bag on a family walk. In addition to our personal stuff, we each carried hot chocolate in water bottles in our bags.”

Posted by Walker in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Merry Christmas!

From all of us here at TOM BIHN, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

That’s our Travel Tray and Katy’s Citrus Butter Cookies (recipe from The Pioneer Woman).

That’s a wrap

Thanks to Katy, Eliam, Brian, and our Seattle factory crew, your orders have arrived or are on their way to you. We’re closed Monday, December 26th, but we’ll be back at work shipping on Tuesday, December 27th. Happy Holidays!

And thanks to @abnb77 for sharing the above photo with us!

UPS Next Day Air 12/24 Saturday Delivery: $30

Now – Friday 12/23 at 3:00pm: We’re offering UPS Next Day Air with Saturday delivery for $30 (normally $35-$75 plus a $10 Saturday delivery charge) and we’re extending our shipping cut-off time until 3:00pm to allow for those last minute orders.

Want help picking out a gift? Email or call us (1-800-729-9607) — we’re here and ready to help.

Haute Americana Gift Guide for your Boyfriend

“This holiday season in an effort to buy my boyfriend (and everyone else on my gift-giving list for that matter) American-made goods, I assembled a lineup of items that are sure to please the man in your life.”

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