Dan Bransfield’s Sketches from Nambodea

Dan writes:
“I brought more Tom Bihn bags with me than underwear. The Tri-Star, Smart Alec, the Field Journal and Cafe bag all were put to good use.”
Dan Bransfield's Vietnam and Cambodia Sketchest

See more sketches — all created in the Field Journal Notebook — from Dan’s trip on his blog.

First feedback on the Cadet

First feedback on the Cadet:
“Quick Packing List:
13″ Macbook Air in Cache (Regular), 9×5 Ledger, iPad 1, Kindle, Medium Clear/Iberian Pouch, Clear Mini Pouch w/USB Cables, MBA Video Connector
Mouse, MBA Charger, Bottle of Water, Pens, Pencils, etc, Small writing notebook, Mini padded pouch for headphones, FoT pouch w/ hard drive
Solar Dyneema Small pouch with every audio cable/adaptor every necessary, USB Drive Pouch, Kitchen Sink, Stove, 12 person hot tub. ok. being silly now. Time for bed.

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First customer feedback on the Cadet

“Love the cell phone pocket, and the front organizational stuff. I managed to get my MBP Pro 13, an ipad in a case, a 7 inch android tablet in a ballistic case, a medium and two small TB pouches, Mac power supply, travel mouse and various pens and stuff all inside comfortably.”
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First customer feedback on the Cadet

Gadling review of the Aeronaut by Pam Mandel

“I’ll admit that I’m partial to Tom Bihn products because they’re made right here in my home town — it’s almost impossible to find American made gear these days. I’ve visited the Tom Bihn factory twice. Both times I noticed how detail obsessed Tom Bihn himself is. You see it in his bags. The hardware is quality stuff, tough and designed to last.”

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New Photos: Aeronaut exterior/interior colors
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  • Update on Cadet pre-orders + more photos

    Thanks to our Seattle factory crew, some Cadet pre-orders shipped yesterday and more will ship today and next week. You’ll receive an email notification with your tracking number when your order ships. If you’d like an update on when your Cadet pre-order will ship, email us.

    Update on Cadet pre-orders + more photos

    Update on Cadet pre-orders + more photos
    Left to right: 11/iPad Cadet, 15/13 Cadet, and Zephyr.

    Update on Cadet pre-orders + more photos

    GizmoFusion Review: the Super Ego

    New Super Ego Photos

    “Overall, we had not one single complaint with this bag, we love it. We highly suggest this bag to anyone looking for a really awesome and customizable bag. If we could give it a 10/5 review we would, but of course, the Tom Bihn Super Ego bag receives a 5/5 review. Well done!”
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    Introducing the Cadet laptop briefcase

    TOM BIHN: Introducing the Cadet laptop briefcase

    Tom designed The Cadet for people who want a small-ish briefcase, simple with lots of features: a safe place to carry a laptop, comfortable handles, and easy-access phone and magazine pockets. Yes, all this plus the Cadet zips up for use in zero-gravity situations like being turned up-side-down in your car or under the seat of an airplane.
    I think we thought of everything.

    TOM BIHN: Introducing the Cadet laptop briefcase

    The Cadet is available is two sizes: 15/13 and 11/iPad. Both sizes feature a removable protective laptop sleeve (called the Cadet Cache) in sizes designed specifically to fit Apple laptops and the iPad: the 15/13 size fits both the 15″ and 13″ MacBook Pro, the 13″ MacBook, and the 13″ MacBook Air, while the 11/iPad size fits the 11″ MacBook Air and the iPad/iPad 2. While designed to fit Apples, there are many PC laptops that will fit, too.

    TOM BIHN: Introducing the Cadet laptop briefcase

    The Cadet is available for pre-order in colors Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Steel/Solar, Forest/Steel, Navy/Solar, and Cardinal/Steel. The 15/13 size will ship by mid-November while the 11/iPad size will ship by late November. $170. Includes the Cadet Cache laptop sleeve and our Standard Shoulder Strap.

    TOM BIHN: Introducing the Cadet laptop briefcase

    Kevin Bales, President of Free the Slaves, and his Ristretto

    Kevin Bales is the President and Co-Founder of Free the Slaves, a four-star charity dedicated to ending slavery worldwide, and author of Ending Slavery: How We Free Today’s Slaves. And (we’re pretty proud of this), he uses our Ristretto bag:
    “So I am in love with my Ristretto, I work in human rights and go places that are way off the tourist routes (no running water, no electricity, people with guns, etc.) and this little bag has gone with me into the Eastern Congo war zone, Ghana, up into the Amazon, down with the tigers in Bangladesh, as well as being very cool looking in London, Paris, and Tokyo.”

    Kevin Bales, President of Free the Slaves, and his Ristretto
    Kevin sent us the above photo: “I did a quick look to see if the bag was in any recent photos – and there it was in rural Bangladesh, down in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Sundarbans Forest (mangrove islands). The boy I am interviewing had just been freed from slavery on an small island where thugs had set up a fish-processing camp and cut the protected forest. The tigers that lived in the forest were now under pressure and were sometimes taking the enslaved children for prey. This little guy was still pretty much in shock, hence the dazed look.”

  • Watch Kevin’s TED talk: Kevin Bales: How to combat modern slavery
  • Read: Ending Slavery: How We Free Today’s Slaves
  • Act: Free the Slaves