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September 2011

New Empire Builder Photos

September Hike with the Synapse

September Hike with the Synapse

See more photos from our recent hike with the Synapse, our dayhiking pack of choice.

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Expert advice from moriond

Perplexa asked: “So I’m finally going to buy my first real Tom Bihn bag (I just got a Field Journal, which is amazing). I think I’m going to get an ID with a Freudian Slip, but I wanted some opinions on whether this is the best choice for me. I also looked at the Zephyr and the Ego.”

moriond answered:

Expert advice from moriond

Read moriond’s full response (and more great advice from tCook and jeffmac) in the TOM BIHN Forums.

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New Photo: Ristretto for iPad in Navy/Cayenne

Simplify: I’m a fan

“The wait is over. My order for the Imago bag by Tom Bihn arrived today.”
“What I was surprised about—especially after reading so many positive reviews—was my reaction to the amazing craftsmanship of the bag. Seriously. I was two steps short of taking a magnifying glass to marvel at the stitching and material. The cordura just feels amazingly sturdy and durable. It’s not stiff or rigid, but there’s some give to the material (so I’m glad I got the Cache for my laptop). And the cork….. I had seen the video about how cork is harvested from Portugal (see, the bag is already well traveled!), and so in my mind I was thinking that it’d be rough in texture, similar to cork boards. But the cork is actually smooth if not soft to touch. It’s nice to look at and provides a textural contrast to the cordura (not to mention it’s water repellent, a cool tree, and cork forests are so biodiverse—birds! cats! greenery!).”

Read the full review at Simplify.
The Imago in Olive/Cork/Steel

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mon_chichi: Imago in Olive/Cork/Steel

Seattle Store Open This Saturday

Our Seattle Retail Store/Factory Showroom is open this Saturday (September 10th) from 12 – 5pm. See you soon! 4750A Ohio Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134

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joiedwards: First TOM BIHN Trip

“Went to Las Vegas, Nv for the Labor Day weekend. A 4 day trip to meet friends and attend a conference. I took my Smart Alec and Aeronaut bags as well as several of their pouches. The Aeronaut was as light as a feather hanging from my shoulder on the Absolute Strap. The Smart Alec was already my everyday carry pack for work and neither bag was full.”

Read the full thread, including Joi’s packing list, in the Forums.

joiedwards: First TOM BIHN Trip

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