The Real Geeks Review of the Ristretto for iPad/iPad 2

“I tried to be as fair as possible when reviewing this bag. I usually like to find a couple negative features when reviewing a product, but I really cannot find anything negative about the Ristretto.”

Read the full review by Ian at The Real Geeks.

Twitter Photo: (maiden voyage for my 1st @tombihn bag)

Thanks to @littlestsounds for this great photo of their new Synapse.

The Breve iPad/iPad 2 in Navy, Cardinal, and Forest

The Breve for iPad/iPad 2 is now in-stock and shipping in all colors: Navy, Cardinal, Forest, Kiwi, Steel, and Black.

Going Up the Wudang Mountains with the Aeronaut (Photo by eVolcre)

Thanks to TOM BIHN Forums member eVolcre for sending us this photo. See: Wudang Mountains (Wikipedia), the Aeronaut.

Tynan: 2011 Gear Update (Style Edition)

Tynan: 2011 Gear Update (Style Edition) (the Synapse backpack)

“My entire wardrobe can fit in a ziploc bag. I initially pared down just for travel, but even though I have plenty of room in the RV, I keep no additional clothes there. My recommendations are intended for minimalist travelers, but even if you don’t leave your local bus system, my suggestions remain the same. There’s convenience and joy in simplicity.”

And, on the Synapse backpack:
“I’m a logical person. I don’t believe in superstition. I think science can explain everything. All that said, I have no idea how so much stuff can fit into the Tom Bihn Synapse. My jackets stuff into the bottom pocket, my kindle and camera go in the middle pocket, chargers and cables fill up the side pockets, my laptop and clothes fill up half of the main compartment, and the other half stays empty.”

Read the full review at

Tynan: 2011 Gear Update (Style Edition) (the Synapse backpack)

Photo by misterN: Super Ego with at Miller Park in Milwaukee

Photo by misterN: Super Ego with at Miller Park in Milwaukee

See a larger version of the above photo posted by misterN in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Update on Riley, Tom’s dog

Update on Riley, Tom's dog

Riley, Tom’s dog, is somewhat of a celebrity. He even has his own page on the website.

“Riley continues to be one of the best people to hang out with. He’s gotten a bit grouchy as he’s gotten older, but then so have I. He still has a good sense of humor and enjoys the company of humans, canines and select felines. And he still hikes: in spite of arthritis in his wrists and a recently fixed knee, he can do up to five miles. More importantly, he enjoys just being outdoors and generally resists getting back in the car at the end of the day.
I always guessed he was part Irish Wolfhound, but we met a real Irish Wolfhound at the dog park recently and he was tiny by comparison.”
- Tom

Also: meet Ichiro, Riley’s friend at the office.

Gear Patrol Review: the Super Ego

Gear Patrol Review: the Super Ego

Gear Patrol Review: the Super Ego

“First off, let’s take a look at the exterior design. It looks different from the ubquitous monochromatic bags you’ve seen. Available in multiple color combinations, it is a standout. Also, this is a large bag but it’s by no means overwhelming. The material itself is a high quality, dense nylon weave that stands up well to moisture and the elements. You’ll also take note of the interchangeable front strap insert, which adheres to the outer flap via velcro and elastic. With 19 color and material choices for this strap, you can customize your bag based on design preference and practicality.”

Read the entire review by Amos Kwon at Gear Patrol. See also: the Super Ego.

Seattle Store Open Wednesday and Saturday

Our Seattle Retail Store/Factory Showroom is open this Wednesday (July 6th) from 11am – 2pm and Saturday (July 9th) from 12pm – 5pm. Wednesdays are a great day to come to see our factory in action (you might even get a tour of the factory led by Tom) and Saturdays are the best day to meet lots of other TOM BIHN customers.

4750A Ohio Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134

Seattle Store Open Wednesday and Saturday

tCook: 45 day, 9,300 mile road trip with TOM BIHN bags

“Last year, I spent 45 days driving a 9,300 mile loop around the country. My Tom Bihn bags were a great help and most of them were in and out of the car with me every night (I had a couple of longer stops, but mostly kept moving each night). Halfway through, I picked up my BFF in Delaware and we had a TB bag-fest going on in the back of the car. This picture, in Virginia Beach, shows 1) my Honda Element, the best road trip car *ever*, 2) my Synapse, Aeronaut, and Co-Pilot, 3) the BFF’s Side Effect and Aeronaut, and 4) a bunch of other gear (the trip included some camping so we were pretty loaded down!).

There were some packing cubes (Aeronaut, 3D, clear quarter) inside, but I wanted to share this picture of our all-around-the-U.S. bags!”

Read the entire thread by tCook in the TOM BIHN Forums.

tCook: 45 day, 9,300 mile road trip with TOM BIHN bags