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May 2011

Customer Gina and her Ristretto on a national tour

Customer Gina Spadafori writes:
“This is McKenzie, my dog and the official tour dog of
Dr. Marty Becker’s national tour for “Your Dog: The Owner’s Manual” (I’m the co-author). We’re traveling the country for seven weeks in a custom-wrapped bus that has previously been used by Lady Gaga and Dog The Bounty Hunter, among others. My bag is the Ristretto, which holds my MacBook Air, iPad2, iPhone and all the chargers, etc. This pic was taken in downtown Miami last night. LOVE YOUR BAGS!
src="" alt="TOM BIHN Dr. Marty Becker's national tour for Your Dog: The Owner's Manual" width="263" height="350">


Practical Hacks: Keep your RFID passport data secure

Practical Hacks has an informative article on the newer U.S. passports that include a RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip. The article has photographs and a description of our new RFID Blocking Passport Pouch.

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Restless Tech: Review of the Tri-Star

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“Final thoughts on the Tri-Star? It is insanely well made, attractive and has a sort of bete noir charm that makes me feel a bit like a 40′s film star when I carry it around. A thousand little touches of organization and forethought that have gone into details as small as handle placement on this bag. This almost guarantees that you will love this bag as much as those that made it obviously do.”

Read the entire review (with more photos) at Restless Tech. Discuss the review with its author, jeffmac, in the TOM BIHN Forums.. See also: the Tri-Star.


Your Twitter Photos, Posted to Facebook

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We just posted to Facebook a gallery of the great photos you’ve posted on Twitter so that more people could see them. Did we miss your photo? Or do you have one that you haven’t yet shared with us? Send it to us!


Clayton Morris video review: iPad 2 Bags/Cases (Ristretto, Breve)