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April 2011

Thank you for saving my MacBook Pro!

We received this email from Sharon yesterday; we’re so glad that she and her husband survived this car crash without injury.

12 new photos of the TOM BIHN Brain Bag

“Darcy, Tom, & the rest of the Tom Bihn crew,

Thank you for saving my MacBook Pro!

My husband & I were in a terrifying auto wreck this weekend and the car rolled. We both had seatbelts on which saved our lives, but my ID Messenger was tossed around the car. Because I’ve been using a Brain Cell with the ID for years I never even thought twice about it. That afternoon I pulled out my laptop to show the family some pictures I’d been working on and their reactions made me realize that what I’d taken for granted was actually something astonishing. It had honestly never occurred to me that my computer might NOT be ok! I think my family was as shocked that the computer worked as I would have been if it hadn’t! LOL.

Seatbelts save lives and Tom Bihn saves computers!

Thank you!”

– Sharon


Defiant Musings: My Favorite Accessory or, I Love TOM BIHN

“I love this bag. I love this bag so much that I have used it nonstop since I bought it last fall and haven’t felt the urge to switch out or find a new one. As my husband will tell you, this is highly unusual as I have a closet full of abandoned bags. Some will too big, some too small, some awkward to carry, some too heavy, etc. But the Tom Bihn bag is just about perfect: the right number of pockets, a great strap, big enough to fit both MacBook Air and iPad, but not so big that things drown in it if I’m not carrying a computer, and a great color (I went with purple/wasabi, but they have a bunch of other color combinations).”

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Paul Biba: Thoughts on my iPad 2

“As for carrying it around, the new Tom Bihn Breve is perfect ($55). It’s a simple well padded case with a zippered slot at the back for the iPad and two small pockets on the front for a charger or other stuff. I got it for my original iPad and it will continue in use for the iPad 2.”

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Paul Biba: Thoughts on my iPad 2


In stock: Western Flyer, Clear Quarter Cube, iPad Cache, Large Cafe, more

The Western Flyer is now in-stock and ready to ship in the following configurations:

Rolling Luggage Handle Pocket version in Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Black/Solar (just a few left), Steel/Ultraviolet, Steel/Solar, Crimson/Steel (just a few left), and Indigo/Solar (just a few left.)

Backpack Straps version in Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Steel/Solar, Steel/Ultraviolet, and Crimson/Steel (just a few left.)

The Horizontal Brain Cell is back in-stock in sizes 6T, 2M, 2XL, and 3ST.

The Vertical Brain Cell is back in-stock in sizes 1 and 4Z.

The Size iPad Vertical Cache is back in-stock.

The Clear Quarter Packing Cube in all colors, including Ultraviolet, is now in-stock.

The Large Cafe Bag is back in-stock in all colors.


Photos by Janine: Shop Bag as daily carry tote

“I was a big fan of backpacks before my pregnancy when the husband and I frequently walked to work. Lately I’ve been carrying a tote bag instead, though, because the weather has been unpredictable, I don’t have the same range of pregnancy-friendly outerwear that I do for my pre-bulbous state, and my energy level just really hasn’t been up to a mile-long hike twice a day.

Enter the Small Shop Bag. Mine is in Ultraviolet Dyneema. Ultraviolet is an excellent color for an unlined bag; it’s light enough that you can find things at the bottom, but it’s dark enough to be discreet. Light does shine through the Dyneema, which helps to illuminate the interior. Dyneema also has a pleasant feel: lightweight and flexible, but very strong.”

TOM BIHN Photos by Janine: Shop Bag as daily carry tote

TOM BIHN Photos by Janine: Shop Bag as daily carry tote

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Another great dorayme photo – the Little Swift worn/carried

The Travelite® FAQ Review of the Side Effect

TOM BIHN Side Effect Review

“The Side Effect is still small enough to easily slip into your main carry-on or seatside bag (like the Co-Pilot) and keep your valuables in, but its versatility is what clinches it for me. The Side Effect gets my thumbs-up; I really like the utility of this bag.”

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Video by iggyp (Social Work Tech Blog) of the ID