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1" Cafe/Ristretto Messenger Stabilizer
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    1" Cafe/Ristretto Messenger Stabilizer

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    1" nylon webbing


    Nylon webbing
    Duraflex® Stealth Warrior buckle
    TOM BIHN–logo metal snap


    Made in USA


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    1" Cafe/Ristretto Messenger Stabilizer

    We started to write the description for this inventive accessory designed for our smaller messenger bags, but we felt the guy who came up with it would tell it best:

    "I sent my small café bag to Tom Bihn for repair. I purchased this bag in 2006 and used it daily for my motorcycle commute to work. After the first year, I added a personally modified shoulder strap stabilizer buckle to connect to a waist strap so the bag does not move around on me when I turn. Years later, the prongs on the male buckle that connects the flap broke. The male buckle was permanently sewn into the bag. I called Tom Bihn and spoke to their crew about how to fix it and they said they could have the bag repaired for free if I shipped it to the factory.

    What I received back: a thank-you note, a fixed male buckle with an adjustable strap so it is easier to replace in the future, a more permanent solution for the shoulder strap stabilizer buckle after noticing my original ghetto solution, and a gift organizer pouch. Tom noticed my original shoulder strap stabilizer buckle and will consider such an addition for their production. This is a fantastic relationship they build when engaging with a customer. Mad props all around."

    – Andrew Hsu

    Many of the photos shown on this page were taken by Andrew — see more of his photos here.

    And we did just that: considered it and added it to our website for order. The 1" Café/Ristretto Messenger Stabilizer is designed to keep your Café Bag or Ristretto close and prevent it from swinging around to the front when you're riding your motorcycle or bicycle or just moving fast on foot. Designed to work with the Small Café Bag, Medium Café Bag, Large Café Bag, Ristretto for iPad, Ristretto for 11" MacBook Air, and Ristretto for 13" MacBook Air or Pro. Uses one-half of your bag's waist strap (the half with the male buckle); if your Café Bag or Ristretto doesn't have a waist strap, you can order one here. Zoom!

    1" Cafe/Ristretto Messenger Stabilizer