UPS Package Tracking - for TOM BIHN orders shipped via United Parcel Service
Enter your TOM BIHN Order Number:

If the response from UPS is:
Billing information has been sent to UPS. Check site later for updated shipment status or contact shipper for more details.

it means that we have processed your shipment: it is either waiting to be picked up at our factory, or has been picked up and has not yet been scanned by UPS. Try tracking it again later in the day.

If the response from UPS is: >>> UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Verify your information and try again.

It means that we have not yet shipped your package, or perhaps you have entered the order number incorrectly. Remember, if you ordered items marked with an asterisk (*), you have placed a back order which will be shipped as soon as it is available. If you think your package should have been shipped already, please Email Us

Web-based tracking is not available for shipments made via carriers other than UPS.

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