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The 1" Waist Strap can be added to many of our bags; it offers extra stability when you're hiking, riding your bike (push or motor), or running to catch the bus. Attaches with Gatekeepers and closes with a side-release buckle that adjusts on both sides.

Available in two sizes: Regular extends to 37" / 94 cm; and the Extra Long extends to 43" / 109 cm. The Extra Long size is intended for use with the Citizen Canine but can be used with any of the other bags if you need the extra girth. To calculate the approximate maximum circumference/waist size, add the width of whatever bag you'd attach the strap to.

Bags that have webbing loops for — but don't come with — a 1" Waist Strap include the Aeronaut, Tri-Star, Western Flyer, Small Café Bag, and Medium Café Bag.

Bags that have webbing loops for and do come with a 1" Waist Strap include the Large Café Bag, Smart Alec and Synapse. (Note that the Citizen Canine, because of its small size, requires the Extra Long waist strap. Unless you're quite thin.)


Nylon webbing
Duraflex® Stealth Warrior buckle


Made in USA


Width: 1" / 25 mm
Length: 37" / 94 cm Regular; 43" / 109 cm Extra Long

1" Waist Strap

Select a length:


Always Made in U.S.A.

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Medium Cafe Bag
Medium Cafe Bag: $65.00
Aeronaut 45
Aeronaut 45: $280.00