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Swift - Tom Bihn Bags for Apple iPad and iPad mini

The Swift is a shoulder bag specifically for knitters and crafty types, designed by Tom in collaboration with the readers of Knitty® magazine. The Swift's tote-bag design allows its contents to be easily found: you'll never have to waste time searching inside deep caverns for small, lost items.

The Swift Story:
In 2005, we held a contest with Knitty® magazine and asked their readers to tell us everything they would like to see in the ultimate knitting bag — from colors, materials, and style of bag to functionality, accessories, and size. We received a flood of entries and suggestions. Tom made a few prototypes and sent them off to the editors of Knitty® for review; they responded with their ideas and thoughts. And, when the final design was ready for debut, the editors of Knitty® held a naming party. Many great names were suggested, but the winning entry was chosen because it has significance to knitters but doesn't designate the bag as solely for knitting: it's a great bag for all kinds of crafts, and many folks will find its clear pockets and stuff sack useful features in an everyday bag. Special thanks go to Amy and all the editors and readers of Knitty® magazine: we (really) couldn't have done it without you.

The Swift is available in multiple colors and fabrics, although the features, layout, and size remain the same in all versions.

Also available is the The Little Swift, which is — you guessed it — a smaller version of the Swift.

Inside the Swift are two clear urethane pockets backed with our Japanese Dyneema®/nylon ripstop fabric. The pockets mirror each other, and they close with strong #8 YKK zippers. Above one of these pockets you'll find an O-ring with a key snap attached. On each end of the bag's interior is another O-ring. The O-rings are designed to allow you to clip the included Medium Yarn Stuff Sack (Clear Bottom, color matched to the interior lining of the color the Swift you choose) to the left or right side of the bag. And, of course, you can clip additional Yarn Stuff Sacks to the O-rings.

The included Medium Yarn Stuff Sack is made of the same Dyneema®/nylon ripstop fabric that backs the clear urethane pockets of the Swift. This Yarn Stuff Sack can accommodate a large ball of yarn. It has a drawstring top, and it includes a feature knitters will immediately notice as indispensable: a triangular clip open/close grommet to feed yarn through. The clear urethane bottom allows you to quickly see what the Yarn Stuff Sack contains.

Additional Yarn Stuff Sacks, available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, are available for purchase here.

The remaining interior of the Swift is devoted to space: lots of it. For custom organization, add Clear Organizer Pouches or Clear Quarter Packing Cubes. A button closure secures the top of the bag, which, unlike a zipper, won't fray yarn or projects. The handles are the ideal length for carrying in hand or on the shoulder, with the highest quality PORON® foam padding them.

Knitty® is a registered trademark of Knitty magazine, used with permission.


U.S. high tenacity 1050 denier ballistic nylon, 420d HT nylon Classic Parapack, or ultralight 400d Dyneema®/420d nylon ripstop exterior
.016" clear urethane inside pocket fronts
200 denier Dyneema®/nylon ripstop inside pocket backs
#8 YKK coil zippers on pockets
PORON® foam handles


Made in USA
100% finished seams


Dimensions: 7.5" x 12.5" x 13.5" / 190 x 320 x 340 mm
1050d high tenacity ballistic nylon: 1 lb 4 oz / 570 grams
400d Dyneema®/420d nylon ripstop: 1 lb 1 oz / 480 grams
Volume: 950 cubic inches / 15.5 liters (ASTM Standard Measure)

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External Reviews

As reviewed by indigodragonfly:
"This bag holds A LOT! To give you an idea of how much, I’ve filled the main compartment of the bag with 8 balls of yarn, the finished Tilted Duster and a copy of Knitting Nature, along with everyday things like my wallet and glasses. The bag is fill about 2/3 of the way to the top. I wouldn’t want to put much more in it, because it would make access to the pockets a little difficult. Yes! The pockets. The bag has 2 big zippered pockets with a clear vinyl front so you can see what you put in them. The back of the pockets are lined with the Dyneema nylon which has a dark grey background and white grid. Very easy to see what’s in the pockets. I use one pocket for everyday items like my glasses and cell phone… " Read the full review.

As reviewed by Lapdog Creations:
"Swift's spacious tote design was well thought out, allowing for easy access to what you put in - and want to take out without calling in the search hounds - the bag. Nothing is going to get lost at the bottom or in a tiny dark corner of this bag - not even the dog treats! The entire interior design has been devoted to space and organization - two more factors in finding my perfect knitting bag." Read the full review.

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people who have the Swift say:

Swift Steel/Steel Ballistic - LOVE IT!!!!
"Just received the regular size Swift in Steel/Steel Ballistic, and I can't say enough about this color combination! The steel is much darker than shown on my monitor and that was a pleasant surprise. It is gorgeous - a very rich color. I can see this bag not only as my knitting bag but also my daily carryall. I added the Guardian Dual Function Light, two colored key straps with 2 clear organizer pouches and a tall yarn sack. What else can I say - it's perfect!!! Hope to see the Little Swift made in this same combination. Thanks, Tom Bihn!" — posted by Wishnfarm

"I asked Santa for a Swift a year ago, and he surprised me with one! Anyway, I have a traveling job, and the long plane rides made me take up knitting again. This last year was South Africa, a 24 hour trip from my home. And, of course, I eventually learned how to leave my suitcase there and my clothes at the dry cleaners. In all of my trips, I would load up the Swift with books, goodies, important electronics, my knitting, extra yarn, etc. The Swift comes through! It is truly a bag based on the Mary Poppins principle." — posted by rosie1925

Swift another winning TB bag!
"First look out of the box it seemed smaller than I expected. But once the 15 skeins of yarn for the afghan went in and my Vogue Knitting book and folder with patterns and all the misc. tools of the trade into the clear pockets and my active projects in the quarter packing cube, the Swift filled out nicely. Mine is ballistic and holds its smooth shape well as I kept packing in more and more yarn. I'm really pleased with how much it holds. So much nicer beside the chair than the old brown grocery bag." — posted by Skylark

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Clear Quarter Packing Cube
Clear Quarter Packing Cube: $30.00
Yarn Stuff Sack
Yarn Stuff Sack: $14.00 - $20.00
Shop Bag
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3D Clear Organizer Cube
3D Clear Organizer Cube: $30.00
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Knitting Tool Pouches: $13.00 - $15.00
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Travel Tray: $25.00
3D Fabric Organizer Cube
3D Fabric Organizer Cube: $30.00
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