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Tri-Power Safety Whistle - Tom Bihn
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    Tri-Power Safety Whistle

    The Tri-Power Safety Whistle is no longer available. See instead our: Whistle Sternum Strap


    High impact ABS plastic
    100% BPA free
    Pea diameter 8 mm pore-filled natural cork
    ABS plastic will not stick to lips and mouth in cold weather.


    Made in USA by Whistles For Life


    Length 70 mm (2.76)
    Width (at widest point) 35 mm (1.38)
    Thickness (at thickest point) 20 mm (excluding pea barrel - 10 mm)
    Loud 120-decibel sound gets you heard in noisy environments.
    1 main chamber with a waterproof pea creates a loud staccato sound critical for being heard above the roar of wind and emergency vehicles.
    2 secondary chambers create separate omnidirectional high-pitched sounds.

    Tri-Power Safety Whistle

    Our Tri-Power Safety Whistle is designed to give you the best chance for survival in a disaster or life-threatening situation. Based on years of experience and testing in search-and-rescue situations, this Safety Whistle should be an essential item for any person looking for an inexpensive but effective tool for being rescued.

    Designed by search-and-rescue professionals, this is the whistle of choice for the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Forest Service and National Parks Service, US Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary, and NASAR (National Association for Search & Rescue).

    Front has the TOM BIHN logo and a reminder that three sharp blasts signals for help.