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Krebs Recycle Dog Leashes are our favorite leashes — and the only leashes we ever use. They're comfortable and substantial in hand, and if you have a dog who pulls, that can mean a lot. We find that thin leashes twist and cut into our hands, while the Krebs Recycle Leash remains comfortable, allowing us to always have a good grip. Tom designed our Citizen Canine bag to be able to accept, via smartly repurposed hydration tube clips, a Krebs Recycle leash on the waist strap or shoulder strap.

Made from recycled climbing rope:
Krebs Recycle Leashes are fashioned from preconsumer and postconsumer climbing rope.

Why recycled climbing rope makes a great dog leash:
For safety reasons, climbing rope needs to be retired early. And factories have rope remnants, known as shorts. While not suitable for use in climbing rope, shorts make a great dog leash that lasts a long time and feels great in your hand.

Krebs Recycle and TOM BIHN recycled 500 denier Cordura® nylon:
As you now know, many of us here at TOM BIHN have dogs. We've been fans of Krebs Recycle Leashes for years — long before they approached us seeking U.S. 500 denier Cordura® for use as a binding material. We use black 500d Cordura® on many different bags. And, unavoidably, when the 500d Cordura® is cut to make these bags, there are scraps too small for us to use, even for Organizer Pouches. Happily, Krebs Recycle uses these pieces to finish the cut ends of the climbing rope they use to make their leashes. Tough, long-lasting material that would otherwise be thrown away is up-cycled and becomes part of a new dog leash. Krebs Recycle Leashes are the most durable, comfortable, and beautiful dog leashes we've ever used (and we're proud that they make use of our scrap 500d Cordura®, too).


100% nylon rope


Made in USA


Overall Dimensions: 4 ft / 1.2 m
Rope: about .375" / roughly between 10 mm and 10.5 mm

Krebs Recycle Dog Leashes

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Always Made in U.S.A.

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