Frequently Asked Questions about the Aeronaut

Does the Aeronaut meet with all airline carry-on standards?
  The Aeronaut complies with the generally accepted airline standard of 22" x 14" x 9", however, every airline sets their own standards, which they can enforce or not enforce depending on the situation. On small aircraft, you may be asked to check even the Aeronaut. Also, as the Aeronaut is a soft bag and not a rigid box, care must be taken not to over-stuff and distort the shape of it -- doing so will increase the probability of being asked to check your bag.

Can I use the Aeronaut as a full-time backpack, like for hiking or school?
  You can, but you will be disappointed: the Aeronaut truly shines in its intended use as a travel bag that converts for occasional use as a backpack - to get you across town or from one end of O'Hare to the other. In terms of over-all utility and comfort, we'd recommend our Brain Bag or Smart Alec as full-time backpacks.

I use wheeled roll-aboard luggage now. Will the Aeronaut work better than that for me?
  It's hard to say. If you use wheeled luggage because you have back problems or otherwise find it uncomfortable to carry your luggage, then perhaps you'd better stick with that. However, if you are physically fit and you know how to travel light, you may find the Aeronaut to be just the ticket.

Does the Aeronaut have a compartment for my laptop?
  At this time the Aeronaut does not have a specific compartment for a laptop. However, most smaller laptops will fit into the main compartment inside a Size 5 Brain Cell or Soft Cell.

I'm 5'2" and not so big. Is the Aeronaut for me?
  Sure! If you're OK with a big bag, it'll be OK with you. Darcy swears by her Aeronaut and she's 5'5".

I'm 6'4" and hee-hoe wide. Will the Aeronaut fit me?
  Yes! The Aeronaut will fit you well.

Will the Aeronaut fit under the seat and in the overhead storage compartment on most airlines?
  Yes, unless you completely overstuff it, it fits both under the seat and in the overhead storage compartment.

I'm interested in traveling light with one bag -- my Aeronaut. Where can I find more information on how to do that?
  Check out these sites for more information on traveling light: One Bag, One World, Travel Lite FAQ, and One Bag.

Is the Aeronaut waterproof?
  The fabric is "waterproof": coated with urethane inside and treated with a water-repellent outside. We use only #10 YKK splash-proof, water-resistant zippers on the Aeronaut. However, seams can and will leak if exposed to significant weather. (You can renew the water repellent qualities with a spray-on treatment like Nikwax.) Be wary of other manufacturers claiming "waterproof" just because the fabrics are coated: if the seams are not RF-welded or heat sealed, they are probably not waterproof.

Is the Aeronaut available in stores?
  Yes! It is available at the Tom Bihn Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Factory Showroom.

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