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Travel bags, laptop bags, and backpacks. Tom Bihn has been designing and making bags since 1972. The best materials and innovative construction.

Travel Bags

Aeronaut 45 - Travel Bags
Our convertible (carry it three ways) maximum size carry-on travel bag.
COLORS: Black/Northwest Sky Black/Zest Black/Steel Black/Iberian Aubergine/Zest Aubergine/Wasabi Navy/Northwest Sky Navy/Zest Verde/Northwest Sky Burnt Orange/Steel Verde/Steel Navy/Iberian Steel/Wasabi Black/Island Coyote/Steel Black Dyneema/Iberian Black/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Late July) Steel/Ultraviolet (On Backorder Until Late July)
Volume: 45 liters (2700 cu. in.)
Packing Cubes - Travel Bags
$19.00 - $22.00
Keep your clothes neat and make packing more efficient.
Tri-Star - Travel Bags
Mid-sized travel bag designed to rule the world (or at least the skies.)
COLORS: Steel/Ultraviolet Forest/Ultraviolet Aubergine/Wasabi Coyote/Steel Verde/Steel Black/Steel Burnt Orange/Steel Black Dyneema/Wasabi
Volume: 33 liters (2000 cu. in.)
Aeronaut 30 - Travel Bags
Our smaller convertible (carry it three ways) carry-on travel bag.
COLORS: Verde/Northwest Sky Aubergine/Zest Black/Island Black/Northwest Sky Black/Zest Navy/Northwest Sky Navy/Zest Verde/Steel Burnt Orange/Steel Navy/Iberian Black/Iberian Black/Steel Aubergine/Wasabi
Volume: 30 liters (1830 cu. in.)
Co-Pilot - Travel Bags
Personal carry-on sized travel bag: designed to fit under the seat on the airplane.
COLORS: Aubergine/Wasabi Verde/Steel Black/Steel Burnt Orange/Steel Navy/Iberian Steel/Wasabi Coyote/Steel
Volume: 10 liters (600
Travel Tray - Travel Bags
Don't sweat the small stuff (and don't lose it).
COLORS: Zest Island Northwest Sky Steel Wasabi Ultraviolet Iberian (On Backorder Until Late July)
Travel Laundry Stuff Sack - Travel Bags
$40 - $45
Sorts your laundry for you. Sort of.
Size Aeronaut 30, Steel Size Aeronaut 30, Ultraviolet Size Aeronaut 45, Iberian Size Aeronaut 45, Wasabi
Night Flight Travel Duffle - Travel Bags
Sized to meet U.S. airline personal item carry-on guidelines.
COLORS: Black/Steel Forest/Steel Aubergine/Wasabi Black Dyneema/Iberian
Volume: 20 liters (1220 cu. in.)
Daylight Backpack - Travel Bags
Your solid, ultralight, and true daypack.
Olive French Blue Cocoa Coyote Grey Navy Plum Burnt Orange Black (On Backorder Until Late August)
Travel Stuff Sack - Travel Bags
$16.00 - $22.00
Utilize the nooks and crannies of your travel bag with these Stuff Sacks.
Western Flyer - Travel Bags
Two compartment carry-on travel bag with zip-away backpack straps.
COLORS: Burnt Orange/Steel Aubergine/Wasabi Coyote/Steel Verde/Ultraviolet Steel/Iberian Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Late August) Navy/Ultraviolet (On Backorder Until Late August)
Volume: 26 liters (1600 cu. in.)
3D Clear Organizer Cube - Travel Bags
Use as a 3-1-1 bag for air travel or as an everyday organizer.
COLORS: Wasabi Dyneema Steel Dyneema Ultraviolet Dyneema Red Blend Cordura Azure Cordura Grey Cordura Orange 152 Cordura Coyote Cordura Cocoa Cordura French Blue Cordura Linen Cordura Burnt Orange Cordura Plum Cordura Navy Cordura Olive (420d Parapack) Black ( 420d Parapack) Steel ( 420d Parapack)
RFID Blocking Passport Pouch - Travel Bags
Blocks detection or reading of RFID chips.
COLORS: Zest Island Northwest Sky Wasabi Steel Iberian Ultraviolet
Founder's Briefcase - Travel Bags
Clamshell-style checkpoint-friendly briefcase.
Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Late October)
Volume: 800 cubic inches / 13 liters
Pilot - Travel Bags
Personal item carry-on travel bag/laptop briefcase.
COLORS: Verde/Steel Aubergine/Wasabi Coyote/Steel Black/Steel Burnt Orange/Steel Navy/Ultraviolet
Volume: 13 liters (800 cu. in.)
Packing Cube Backpack (Tri-Star/Western Flyer) - Travel Bags
Converts from a packing cube to a backpack.
COLORS: Ultraviolet Wasabi Iberian Steel Black
Travel Money Belt - Travel Bags
Discreetly carry cash, traveler's cheques and/or a photocopy of your passport.
Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut 45) - Travel Bags
Converts from a Packing Cube to a backpack.
COLORS: Wasabi Iberian Ultraviolet Steel Black
Volume: 16 liters (975 cu. in.)
Clear Quarter Packing Cube - Travel Bags
Quarter sized Packing Cube with clear Urethane sides.
COLORS: Ultraviolet Wasabi Iberian Steel
Packing Cube Shoulder Bag - Travel Bags
Use it as a packing cube or a shoulder bag.
Wasabi Ultraviolet Iberian Steel
Absolute Shoulder Strap - Travel Bags
Absolute Comfort.
Smart Alec - Travel Bags
Clean lines and serious organization.
COLORS: Black/Verde/Ultraviolet Black/Burnt Orange/Steel Black/Coyote/Steel Black/Aubergine/Wasabi Black/Navy/Iberian Black/Steel/Iberian
Volume: 26 liters (1600 cu. in.)
Large Cafe Bag - Travel Bags
An everyday bag that comes in a wide variety of colors.
COLORS: Black/Steel Burnt Orange/Steel Azure/Olive Orange 152/Navy Olive/Steel
Volume: 11 liters (675 cu. in.)
Brain Bag - Travel Bags
A serious backpack that can fit two (or more) laptops.
COLORS: Black/Grey/Steel Black/Plum/Steel Black/Coyote/Steel Black/Burnt Orange/Steel Black/French Blue/Steel Black/Olive/Steel (On Backorder Until Late July) Black/Navy/Steel (On Backorder Until Late July) Black/Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Late July)
Volume: 36 liters (2200 cu. in.)
Medium Cafe Bag - Travel Bags
Medium-sized EDC messenger bag.
COLORS: Burnt Orange/Steel Red Blend/Olive
Volume: 8 liters (475 cu. in.)
Padded Organizer Pouches - Travel Bags
$9.00 - $17.00
Protect and organize your gadgets.
Micro (Black)
Horizontal Freudian Slip - Travel Bags
Adds 11 pockets of organization to your bag.
Shop Bag - Travel Bags
$35.00 - $50.00
Ultra-lightweight reusable shopping bag with padded handles.
COLORS: Small, Ultraviolet Small, Steel Large, Northwest Sky Large, Wasabi Large, Iberian Large, Black
Synapse 19 - Travel Bags
A backpack well suited to hiking, travel, or commuting.
Olive/Steel Grey/Iberian Grey/Ultraviolet Burnt Orange/Steel Coyote/Steel Navy/Iberian French Blue/Steel Black/Steel Black/Iberian Black/Wasabi Black Dyneema/Wasabi
Volume: 19 liters (1160
3D Mesh Organizer Cube - Travel Bags
Breathable mesh front and back.
Wasabi Dyneema Ultraviolet Dyneema Navy 420d Black 420d Olive 420d Steel 420d Plum Cordura
3D Fabric Organizer Cube - Travel Bags
Solid fabric organizer cube.
Black (420d HT Parapack) Olive (420d HT Parapack) Navy (420d HT Parapack) Steel (200d Dyneema/nylon) Wasabi (200d Dyneema/nylon) Iberian (200d Dyneema/nylon) Ultraviolet (200d Dyneema/nylon)
Pocket Pouch - Travel Bags
Add an extra pocket to your bag. Various colors.
Synapse 25 - Travel Bags
One backpack for: Ultralight travel. Day hikes. EDC.
Olive/Steel Grey/Ultraviolet French Blue/Steel Coyote/Steel Burnt Orange/Steel Black/Steel Black Dyneema/Iberian Navy/Iberian (On Backorder Until Late August)
Volume: 25 liters (1526
Side Effect - Travel Bags
3D Organizational Pouch, Shoulder Bag, or Waist Pack: You Decide.
Verde/Steel Coyote/Steel Aubergine/Wasabi Burnt Orange/Ultraviolet Steel/Iberian
Daylight Briefcase - Travel Bags
Ultralight minimalist briefcase that fits 13" laptops.
Plum French Blue Burnt Orange Linen Olive Navy Coyote Cocoa Black Grey Black Dyneema
Volume: 12 liters (732 cu. in.)
Cadet - Travel Bags
EDC laptop briefcase for Apple laptops. Checkpoint friendly.
Verde/Steel Coyote/Steel Burnt Orange/Steel Steel/Iberian Black/Steel
Volume: 13.5 liters (825 cu. in.)
The Parental Unit - Travel Bags
The long awaited TOM BIHN diaper bag.
Coyote/Steel Black/Steel Aubergine/Wasabi Navy/Iberian Verde/Steel Steel/Iberian
Volume: 13 liters (793 cu. in.)
Spiff Kit - Travel Bags
$45.00 - $55.00
Our take on the classic toiletry kit.
Standard, Steel Dyneema Standard Iberian Dyneema Standard, Wasabi Dyneema Standard, Ultraviolet Dyneema
Luggage Tag - Travel Bags
The first TOM BIHN made Luggage Tag.
Black Steel Aubergine Coyote Verde Navy Forest
Gift Certificate
$20.00 - $300.00
Give the gift of TOM BIHN.