Tom Bihn has been designing and making bags since 1972. Travel bags, laptop bags, and backpacks. The best materials and innovative construction.

Laptop Bags

Synapse 25 - Laptop Bags
One backpack for: Ultralight travel. Day hikes. EDC.
Olive/Ultraviolet Black Dyneema/Ultraviolet Black Dyneema/Iberian French Blue/Steel (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Grey/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Burnt Orange/Steel (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Olive/Steel (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Black/Wasabi (on Backorder Until Mid-November) Black/Iberian (on Backorder Until Mid-November) Navy/Iberian (on Backorder Until Mid-November) Cocoa/Wasabi (on Backorder Until Mid-November) Black Dyneema/Wasabi (on Backorder Until Mid-November)
Volume: 25 liters (1526
Horizontal Brain Cell - Laptop Bags
Tough hard-sided laptop protection in a horizontal format for messenger bags and briefcases.
Size 1 - Black Size 4 - Black Size 4Z - Black Size 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina, Black Size 6X - Black Size 6Z - Black Size 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina, Black
Brain Bag - Laptop Bags
A serious backpack that can fit two (or more) laptops.
More Colors:
Black/Plum/Steel Black/French Blue/Steel Black/Grey/Steel Black/Navy/Steel (On Backorder Until Late October) Black/Olive/Steel (On Backorder Until Late October) Black/Burnt Orange/Steel (On Backorder Until Late October) Black/Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Late October)
Volume: 36 liters (2200 cu. in.)
Smart Alec - Laptop Bags
Clean lines and serious organization.
More Colors:
Black/Black/Steel Black/Black/Iberian Black/Aubergine/Wasabi Black/Navy/Iberian Black Dyneema/Black Dyneema/Wasabi Black Dyneema/Black Dyneema/Iberian
Volume: 26 liters (1600 cu. in.)
Vertical Brain Cell - Laptop Bags
Tough hard-sided laptop protection in a vertical format for backpacks.
Size 1 - Black Size 4Z - Black Size 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina - Black Size 6Z - Black Size 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina
Cache for iPad mini - Laptop Bags
Sleeve for your iPad mini
Ego - Laptop Bags
Mid-size messenger bag distinguished by interchangeable stripes.
Volume: 23 liters (1400 cu. in.)
Empire Builder - Laptop Bags
Three years of R&D resulted in this briefcase.
More Colors:
Black/Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Mid-November)
Volume: 22.5 liters (1375 cu. in.)
Cache - Laptop Bags
Laptop and iPad sleeve with 6mm thick foam padding
Size iPad, Vertical, Black Size iPad Air, Vertical, Black Size Air11, Vertical, Black Size Air13, Vertical, Black Size 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina, Vertical, Black Size 6Z, Vertical, Black Size 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina, Vertical, Black Size 4Z, Vertical, Black Size 1, Vertical, Black -- Size iPad, Horizontal, Black Size iPad Air, Horizontal, Black Size Air11, Horizontal, Black Size Air13, Horizontal, Black Size 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina, Horizontal Size 6Z, Horizontal, Black Size 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina, Horizontal, Black Size 4Z, Horizontal, Black Size 1, Horizontal
Tri-Star - Laptop Bags
Mid-sized travel bag designed to rule the world (or at least the skies.)
More Colors:
Steel/Ultraviolet Black/Steel Forest/Ultraviolet Navy/Iberian Steel/Iberian Black Dyneema/Wasabi Black Dyneema/Iberian Black Dyneema/Ultraviolet Black/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Aubergine/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Black/Ultraviolet (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Coyote/Steel (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Verde/Steel (On Backorder Until Mid-November)
Volume: 33 liters (2000 cu. in.)
Co-Pilot - Laptop Bags
Personal carry-on sized travel bag: designed to fit under the seat on the airplane.
More Colors:
Black/Wasabi Black/Steel Coyote/Steel Navy/Wasabi
Volume: 10 liters (600
Synapse 19 - Laptop Bags
A backpack well suited to hiking, travel, or commuting.
Olive/Steel Olive/Ultraviolet Navy/Ultraviolet Navy/Iberian Grey/Ultraviolet Grey/Wasabi Grey/Iberian Black/Steel Black/Wasabi Black/Iberian Burnt Orange/Steel Black Dyneema/Iberian Black Dyneema/Ultraviolet Black Dyneema/Wasabi
Volume: 19 liters (1160
Ristretto for 13
Vertical messenger bag for the 13" MacBook Air or 13" MacBook Pro.
More Colors:
Western Flyer - Laptop Bags
Our medium-sized travel bag. With or without hide-away backpack straps.
More Colors:
Backpack Straps, Navy/Ultraviolet Backpack Straps, Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Backpack Straps, Black/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Backpack Straps, Aubergine/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Backpack Straps, Coyote/Steel (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Backpack Straps, Steel/Iberian (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Backpack Straps, Verde/Ultraviolet (On Backorder Until Mid-November) Backpack Straps, Black Dyneema/Iberian (On Backorder Until Mid-November)
Volume: 26 liters (1600 cu. in.)
Ristretto for iPad - Laptop Bags
Vertical messenger bag for your iPad.
More Colors:
Black/Iberian Black/Steel
Large Cafe Bag - Laptop Bags
An everyday bag that comes in a wide variety of colors.
More Colors:
Olive Cordura/Olive Steel 420d/Steel Olive 420d/Wasabi Olive 420d/Olive Black 420d/Steel Olive 420d/Steel
Volume: 11 liters (675 cu. in.)
Medium Cafe Bag - Laptop Bags
Medium-sized EDC messenger bag.
More Colors:
Kelly/Navy Burnt Orange/Navy
Volume: 8 liters (475 cu. in.)
Ultrasuede Screen Cloth - Laptop Bags
Designed for safely cleaning your iPhone, iPad, or laptop.
More Colors:
Asphalt Grey Lapis Blue
Gift Certificate - Laptop Bags
$20.00 - $300.00
Give the gift of TOM BIHN.
Founder's Briefcase - Laptop Bags
Clamshell-style checkpoint-friendly briefcase.
Steel/Steel Navy/Steel Olive/Steel
Volume: 800 cubic inches / 13 liters
Pilot - Laptop Bags
Personal item carry-on travel bag/laptop briefcase.
More Colors:
Black/Wasabi Black/Steel Black/Iberian Steel/Ultraviolet Navy/Ultraviolet Forest/Steel Black Dyneema/Wasabi
Volume: 13 liters (800 cu. in.)
Padded sleeve to protect your tablet.