Tom Bihn has been designing and making bags since 1972. Travel bags, laptop bags, and backpacks. The best materials and innovative construction.

Camera Bags

Camera I-O - Camera Bags
Carry and protect your DSLR and accessories with optional travel tripod and lighting kit quivers.
Tripod - Lighting Kit Quivers - Camera Bags
$40.00 - $45.00
Designed for your travel tripod or portable lighting gear. Two sizes.
360mm Tripod or Lighting Kit Quiver 520mm Tripod or Lighting Kit Quiver
Brain Bag - Camera Bags
A serious backpack that can fit two (or more) laptops.
More Colors:
Black/Navy/Steel Parapack Black/Steel/Steel Parapack -- Universal Camouflage Cordura Black/Black/Steel Cordura (On Backorder Until Late May) Black/Navy/Steel Cordura (On Backorder Until Late May) Black/Olive/Steel Cordura (On Backorder Until Late May) Black/Plum/Steel Cordura (On Backorder Until Late May) Black/Steel/Steel Cordura (On Backorder Until Late May)
Volume: 36 liters (2200 cu. in.)
Empire Builder - Camera Bags
Three years of R&D resulted in this briefcase.
More Colors:
Black/Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Early June)
Volume: 22.5 liters (1375 cu. in.)
Co-Pilot - Camera Bags
Personal carry-on sized travel bag: designed to fit under the seat on the airplane.
More Colors:
Black/Steel Black/Iberian Steel/Ultraviolet Navy/Iberian Black Dyneema/Wasabi Nordic Dyneema/Solar
Volume: 10 liters (600
3D Clear Organizer Cube - Camera Bags
Use as a 3-1-1 bag for air travel or as an everyday organizer.
More Colors:
Black (On Backorder Until mid-April) Navy 420d Steel 420d Olive 420d Steel Dyneema Iberian Dyneema Wasabi Dyneema Ultraviolet Dyneema Solar Dyneema Plum Cordura Steel Cordura Conifer Cordura Storm Cordura
ID - Camera Bags
Mid-sized laptop messenger bag.
Black/Black/Steel Black/Steel/Wasabi
Volume: 20.9 liters (1275 cu. in.)
Super Ego - Camera Bags
A big messenger bag to fit a large laptop or a lot of stuff.
More Colors:
Black/Black/Steel Black/Steel/Wasabi
Volume: 27 liters (1680 cu. in.)
Aeronaut - Camera Bags
Our convertible (carry it three ways) maximum size carry-on travel bag.
More Colors:
Steel/Steel (On Backorder Until Late June) Steel/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Late June) Steel/Ultraviolet (On Backorder Until Late June) Black/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Late June) Black/Iberian (On Backorder Until Late June) Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Late June) Black/Solar Navy/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Late June) Navy/Iberian (On Backorder Until Late June) Navy/Solar (On Backorder Until Late June) Forest/Steel (On Backorder Until Late June) Aubergine/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Late June) Aubergine/Steel (On Backorder Until Late June) Nordic Dyneema/Solar Steel Dyneema/Steel Black Dyneema/Wasabi
Volume: 45 liters (2700 cu. in.)
Ego - Camera Bags
Mid-size messenger bag distinguished by interchangeable stripes.
Black/Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Late May)
Volume: 23 liters (1400 cu. in.)
Zephyr - Camera Bags
Briefcase with removable file dividers.
Black/Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Late June)
Volume: 17.5 liters (1070 cu. in.)
Tri-Star - Camera Bags
Mid-sized travel bag designed to rule the world (or at least the skies.)
More Colors:
Black/Steel Black/Wasabi Black/Solar Steel/Iberian Steel/Ultraviolet (On Backorder Until Early June) Navy/Iberian Navy/Wasabi Navy/Solar Aubergine/Wasabi Black Dyneema/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Early June)
Volume: 33 liters (2000 cu. in.)