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Travel bags, laptop bags, and backpacks. Tom Bihn has been designing and making bags since 1972. The best materials and innovative construction.

Camera Bags

Camera I-O - Camera Bags
Carry and protect your DSLR and accessories with optional travel tripod and lighting kit quivers.
Tripod - Lighting Kit Quivers - Camera Bags
$40.00 - $45.00
Designed for your travel tripod or portable lighting gear. Two sizes.
Brain Bag - Camera Bags
A serious backpack that can fit two (or more) laptops.
COLORS: Black/Black/Steel Black/Burnt Orange/Steel Black/Grey/Steel Black/Olive/Steel Black/Navy/Steel Black/French Blue/Steel Black/Plum/Steel Black/Coyote/Steel (On Backorder Until Late January)
Volume: 36 liters (2200 cu. in.)
Empire Builder - Camera Bags
Three years of R&D resulted in this briefcase.
COLORS: Black/Black/Steel
Volume: 22.5 liters (1375 cu. in.)
Co-Pilot - Camera Bags
Personal carry-on sized travel bag: designed to fit under the seat on the airplane.
COLORS: Coyote/Steel Steel/Steel
Volume: 10 liters (600
3D Clear Organizer Cube - Camera Bags
Use as a 3-1-1 bag for air travel or as an everyday organizer.
COLORS: Grey Cordura Plum Cordura Burnt Orange Cordura Linen Cordura French Blue Cordura Cocoa Cordura Coyote Cordura Olive (420d Parapack) Steel (420d Parapack) Black (420d Parapack) Navy (420d Parapack) Ultraviolet (200d Dyneema/nylon) Iberian (200d Dyneema/nylon) Wasabi (200d Dyneema/nylon) Steel (200d Dyneema/nylon)
ID - Camera Bags
Mid-sized laptop messenger bag.
Black/Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Late August)
Volume: 20.9 liters (1275 cu. in.)
Super Ego - Camera Bags
A big messenger bag to fit a large laptop or a lot of stuff.
COLORS: Black/Black/Steel
Volume: 27 liters (1680 cu. in.)
Aeronaut 45 - Camera Bags
Our convertible (carry it three ways) maximum size carry-on travel bag.
COLORS: Black/Steel Black Dyneema/Iberian Steel/Ultraviolet Navy/Iberian Coyote/Steel (On Backorder Until Early December) Aubergine/Wasabi (On Backorder Until Early December) Verde/Steel (On Backorder Until Early December)
Volume: 45 liters (2700 cu. in.)
Ego - Camera Bags
Mid-size messenger bag distinguished by interchangeable stripes.
Volume: 23 liters (1400 cu. in.)
Tri-Star - Camera Bags
Mid-sized travel bag designed to rule the world (or at least the skies.)
COLORS: Black/Steel Steel/Ultraviolet Forest/Ultraviolet Navy/Iberian Aubergine/Wasabi Black Dyneema/Wasabi Coyote/Steel (On Backorder Until Early December) Verde/Steel (On Backorder Until Early December)
Volume: 33 liters (2000 cu. in.)
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$20.00 - $300.00
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