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Travel bags, laptop bags, and backpacks. Tom Bihn has been designing and making bags since 1972. The best materials and innovative construction.

13" MacBook Pro Bags

The Ristretto - 13
A vertical messenger bag with a built-in compartment for laptops or tablets up to 13".
COLORS: Verde/Steel Navy/Ultraviolet Steel/Iberian Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Late May)
Horizontal Brain Cell - 13
Tough hard-sided laptop protection in a horizontal format for messenger bags and briefcases.
Cache - 13
Laptop and iPad sleeve with 6mm thick foam padding
Smart Alec - 13
Clean lines and serious organization.
COLORS: Black Dyneema/Black Dyneema/Wasabi Black/Black/Iberian (On Backorder Until Late May) Black/Steel/Iberian (On Backorder Until Late May)
Volume: 26 liters (1600 cu. in.)
Brain Bag - 13
A serious backpack that can fit two (or more) laptops.
COLORS: Black/Olive/Steel Black/Plum/Steel Black/Coyote/Steel Black/Navy/Steel Black/Burnt Orange/Steel Black/Black/Steel Black/French Blue/Steel Black/Grey/Steel
Volume: 36 liters (2200 cu. in.)
Large Cafe Bag - 13
An everyday bag that comes in a wide variety of colors.
COLORS: Grey/Olive Burnt Orange/Steel (On Backorder Until Late June) Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Late June) Olive/Steel (On Backorder Until Late June)
Volume: 11 liters (675 cu. in.)
ID - 13
Mid-sized laptop messenger bag.
Volume: 20.9 liters (1275 cu. in.)
Super Ego - 13
A big messenger bag to fit a large laptop or a lot of stuff.
COLORS: Black/Steel/Sapphire Black/Navy/Crimson Black/Black/Steel
Volume: 27 liters (1680 cu. in.)
Vertical Brain Cell - 13
Tough hard-sided laptop protection in a vertical format for backpacks.
Ego - 13
Mid-size messenger bag distinguished by interchangeable stripes.
Black/Steel/Sapphire Black/Navy/Crimson Black/Black/Steel
Volume: 23 liters (1400 cu. in.)
Western Flyer - 13
Two compartment carry-on travel bag with zip-away backpack straps.
COLORS: Navy/Ultraviolet Aubergine/Wasabi Coyote/Steel Verde/Ultraviolet Steel/Iberian Black/Steel Black Dyneema/Ultraviolet Burnt Orange/Steel
Volume: 26 liters (1600 cu. in.)
Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut 45) - 13
Converts from a Packing Cube to a backpack.
COLORS: Wasabi Iberian Ultraviolet Black (On Backorder Until Late May) Steel (On Backorder Until Late May)
Volume: 16 liters (975 cu. in.)
Tri-Star - 13
Mid-sized travel bag designed to rule the world (or at least the skies.)
COLORS: Steel/Ultraviolet Forest/Ultraviolet Navy/Iberian Aubergine/Wasabi Coyote/Steel Verde/Steel Black Dyneema/Wasabi Black/Steel (On Backorder Until Late May)
Volume: 33 liters (2000 cu. in.)
Synapse 19 - 13
A backpack well suited to hiking, travel, or commuting.
Olive/Steel Grey/Ultraviolet Black/Wasabi Burnt Orange/Steel Coyote/Steel Navy/Iberian Black Dyneema/Wasabi
Volume: 19 liters (1160
Packing Cube Backpack (Tri-Star/Western Flyer) - 13
Converts from a packing cube to a backpack.
COLORS: Ultraviolet Wasabi Iberian Steel Black
Cache for Cadet - 13
Laptop insert for the Cadet briefcase. Checkpoint friendly.
Smart Alec Modular Pockets & Straps - 13
$5 - $45
Add extra capacity + organization to your Smart Alec.
Upper Modular Pocket, Aubergine Upper Modular Pocket, Steel Upper Modular Pocket, Verde Upper Modular Pocket, Coyote Upper Modular Pocket, Burnt Orange Upper Modular Pocket, Black Dyneema Lower Modular Pocket, Navy
Synapse 25 - 13
One backpack for: Ultralight travel. Day hikes. EDC.
Olive/Steel Grey/Ultraviolet French Blue/Steel Coyote/Steel Burnt Orange/Steel Navy/Iberian Black/Steel
Volume: 25 liters (1526
Founder's Briefcase - 13
Clamshell-style checkpoint-friendly briefcase.
Volume: 800 cubic inches / 13 liters
Pilot - 13
Personal item carry-on travel bag/laptop briefcase.
COLORS: Verde/Steel Steel/Wasabi Aubergine/Wasabi Coyote/Steel Black/Steel Burnt Orange/Steel Navy/Ultraviolet Black Dyneema/Iberian
Volume: 13 liters (800 cu. in.)
Daylight Briefcase - 13
Ultralight minimalist briefcase that fits 13" laptops.
Plum French Blue Burnt Orange Linen Olive Navy Coyote Grey Black Dyneema
Volume: 12 liters (732 cu. in.)
Cadet - 13
EDC laptop briefcase for Apple laptops. Checkpoint friendly.
Verde/Steel Coyote/Steel Black/Steel Burnt Orange/Steel Steel/Iberian
Volume: 13.5 liters (825 cu. in.)
Zephyr - 13
Briefcase with removable file dividers.
Volume: 17.5 liters (1070 cu. in.)
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