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    One 5' / 1.5 m section of Glowire per pack
    3-volt driver runs over 24 hours on 2 AA batteries (included)
    Four settings: Constant, Slow Flash, Fast Flash, and Off
    Specifically for use with the Smart Alec backpack
    Expected life of each Glowire is 4000 hours on a cycle of 8 hours on/16 hours off
    Each Glowire is covered by Glowire's 90-day warranty


    Electroluminescent wire: Central copper wire with a phosphorus material coating and two tiny transmitter wires covered by a PVC coating and finally a colored vinyl (Lime Green, Yellow, or Aqua) coat


    Made in China by Glowire


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    Ride your motorcycle or bike or walk in the dark with your Smart Alec? Weave a 5′ / 1.5 m Glowire electroluminescent wire kit through the webbing loops on the front face of the Smart Alec and set its 360° glow (very similar to neon) to Constant, Slow Flash, or Fast Flash for increased visibility.

    One really important thing: installing or uninstalling the Glowire is easy and takes only a few moments. We've seen other bags with built-in LED strips or electroluminescent wire: cool idea, but what happens when those lights reach their end of life? Though Glowire is a top-quality product, it's unlikely to last as long as your Smart Alec. Tom's design choice of allowing you to add or remove the Glowire with ease ensures not only that you can remove the Glowire on days or trips you don't anticipate using it, but also that, should it fail, you can simply get a replacement Glowire instead of having to chuck the entire bag. Plus, if you tire of one color, it's easy enough to swap it out for another.

    Included in the kit: 5′ / 1.5 m of electroluminescent wire in the color of your choice, connected to a 3-volt driver/power supply. Batteries aren't usually included in Glowire kits, but we didn't want you to have to run to the store to pick up batteries before you could even test it, so we've sourced and included two AA batteries (batteries made in USA).

    Installing the Glowire on the Smart Alec is easy: weave the wire end through the inside of one side pocket down through the eyelet so the driver ends up on the inside of that pocket. Continue weaving the wire through the loops on the front face of the Smart Alec, then tuck the end of the wire neatly through the eyelet on the other side pocket. That's it — you're done! Your Glowire will run for over 24 hours on two AA batteries.

    Tested in-house by Production Engineer Nik, who commutes on his motorcycle, and Shipping Lead Scott, who commutes on his bicycle.